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Human brains are specialized for face recognition; chimp brains are specialized for butt recognition (!) (via)

For social species such as primates, the recognition of conspecifics is crucial for their survival. As demonstrated by the ‘face inversion effect’, humans are experts in recognizing faces and unlike objects, recognize their identity by processing it configurally. The human face, with its distinct features such as eye-whites, eyebrows, red lips and cheeks signals emotions, intentions, health and sexual attraction and, as we will show here, shares important features with the primate behind. Chimpanzee females show a swelling and reddening of the anogenital region around the time of ovulation. This provides an important socio-sexual signal for group members, who can identify individuals by their behinds. We hypothesized that chimpanzees process behinds configurally in a way humans process faces. In four different delayed matching-to-sample tasks with upright and inverted body parts, we show that humans demonstrate a face, but not a behind inversion effect and that chimpanzees show a behind, but no clear face inversion effect. The findings suggest an evolutionary shift in socio-sexual signalling function from behinds to faces, two hairless, symmetrical and attractive body parts, which might have attuned the human brain to process faces, and the human face to become more behind-like.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the commenter to draw the obvious illicit cross-species similarity.

PS The final sentence in that abstract is possibly the funniest nerd wording I’ve ever read coming out of a ¡SCIENCE! journal.

PPS Recently I saw a queenie with steatopygia so massive, protruding, and gravity-defying I had to do a double-take, during which I mused that not only could a brother (because who else would?) prop a forty on dat cantilevered azz, he could comfortably fit a whole goddamn case of forties on it.


jeangray07 observes,

There’s been an interesting trend on social media, especially Instagram, where big lips, big butts and darker skin are glorified, and “white girl” features like straight hair, natural proportions, and fair skin are mocked and stigmatized. It’s like there’s a massive push to eradicate time honed beauty ideals and install more primitive ones.

The de-gentilification anti-White project of the Ugly Mendacious Left has targeted its full spectrum psy ops weapons against every available sacredness of the White race. The first step in defeating this slithery enemy is to admit when its fangs are buried in your flesh. Only then can you know to suck out the venom.


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