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Condescension Game

A condescending line I like toss out when a fine SNHB (supernova hot babe) gives me a little shit has worked so well for me that it’s time I share it with the world. Try not to burn the source through over-use.

Context: I approach and chat up a frisky filly.

GIRL: “You seem kinda young/old/tall/short/weird/devastatingly handsome to be hanging out in this club/hitting on me/flirting with me.”

KURT EICHENWALD’S HENTAI FAP FOLDER: “You’re very perceptive.”

The line is a multiple-warhead MIRVaj because it’s short, sweet, and deploys a cargo load of female ego busting rhetorical sleights. It’s also a subtle neg (i.e., a backhanded compliment) because it teases the girl for noticing the bleeding obvious.

It subcommunicates:

  1. You’re not interested in seeking the girl’s approval (sexy)
  2. You don’t care what the girl thinks of you (implied higher value)
  3. You can jive like the best practitioners of amused mastery (super sexy)
  4. You’re cutting off any further interrogation from her concerning your presumed incompatibility with her (leader of women, social dominance)
  5. You’re experienced with girls, evident by the facility with which you swat away their feigned objections (preselection)

Usually the girl will laugh in response, or if she’s witty say something like “I try”, and then it’s off to the races. After the line is delivered and alpha ape social status secured, rarely will the girl try to excavate the conversation for further reasons to object to your presence. A ZFG demonstration of value, if effective, will jolt a girl from her prepared beta male-filtering banter and open avenues of freshly unscripted flirtation.

Try out the line and report back with your progress vids!


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