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The Overton Window of acceptable discourse nudged wider a little more this week when Iowa Representative and Red Pill Dispensary Steve King had this 100% TRUEFACT to say about civilization and race:

Naturally, Steve King’s foray into the fucking bleeding obvious truth sent whole warrens of shitlib rabbits hopping in a frenzy, denouncing him as a Nazi, a White supremacist, a White nationalist, and the dreaded SupraWhite Nazemalist (rare breed).

Steve King’s shockingly uncontroversial assessment of the nexus between civilization, culture and demographics — that a nation is a culture and a culture is a people and a people are their genetic bloodlines, and that the fewer White people there are the more America will resemble an alien land — has bent the arc of the ad hominem universe toward his Twatter feed.

The shitlib hysterics are expected, but what is notable this time around is the fairly muted response from the GOP cuck crowd; few if any GOPers have joined in on the witch hunt, and for once that has sapped some of the self-righteousness steam from the howling leftoids at the front of the torch and pitchfork parade. Overton cracks a bit wider with each passing week in the Era of Our God-Emperor Trump.

A reminder, to any stray shitlibs who wander into this happy hunting ground, of the essential truths underpinning nationhood and civilization which Steve King tapped:

  • Society is a racial construct.
  • There is no magic dirt that will transform, say, Somalis and Syrians into lovers, defenders, and disciples of Constitutional republicanism.
  • Race matters.
  • Once more…..RACE MATTERS.
  • In fact, race is the primary source pool of civilization and culture; all other variables are commentary in comparison.
  • Culture isn’t a costume. It can’t be worn like a Turinic shroud with the expectation that it will reverse-imbue the intrinsic character of any people who happen to hop the border and adopt its most superficial trappings.
  • Culture is an emergent property of the people that comprise it, who themselves are properties of their genes and of the predispositions and beliefs and behaviors and temperaments and aptitudes with which they are endowed by their genes.
  • America is not a nation of immigrants. America is a nation of colonists who, along with their descendants, created, built, and nourished America into a great nation, perhaps the greatest the world has ever known. Immigrants came later, and they were for a long while chosen from stock populations that were not too dissimilar from the founding stock of America (African slaves stand as a glaring exception). It was not until relatively recently (1965 onward) that immigrants significantly deviated in numbers and racial congeniality from the historical norm of immigration into America.
  • Quite simply, the myth of American exceptionalism is just that. American ideals aren’t spread by osmosis into the deep psyches of different races of people; rather, a very specific race of people — White Europeans of primarily Anglo-Celtic-Germanic descent — breathed life into the American ideals, and without them their ideals wither from neglect and misuse in the care of their usurpers.
  • We are not created equal under Nature, and this truism applies to races as it does to individuals. Memorable exceptions only prove the wisdom of pragmatic generalizations.
  • The Constitution, or any stirring stanza of words written by Whites for White sensibilities, will not change a Chinaman into a heartland Chad. Racial foreigners can mouth the words, but if they don’t feel it in their bones they’ll have no trouble betraying those words when its personally advantageous or when the Law isn’t hovering closely to motivate their observance.
  • A civilization is the sum total of the people that inhabit it. Change the people, change the civilization.
  • Some cultures really are superior to other cultures. If it were not so, millions of those from the lesser cultures would not be escaping into the homelands of the better cultures.
  • Finally, the character of a nation is not established by a founding document; instead, the founding document chronicles the character of a nation. PEOPLE MAKE THE NATION, THE NATION DOES NOT MAKE THE PEOPLE. If the people change, so does the nation, into whatever form the replacement people find most familiar, which usually means a facsimile of their native homelands they left behind.

Steve King is right. You can wave your final goodbye to White American civilization if some other tribes are having all the babies. The future belongs to those who show up, and the shape of that future depends on the innate character of its inheritors. That’s Stone Cold Truth 101, and it’s the truth that has bedeviled suicide signaling leftoids for generations, and driven them into increasingly insane postures of delusional doublethink, obscene hypocrisy, and hoary lies.

The Chateau stands against these lies and the liars who swallow and vomit them up, and if their deluge of sewage should eventually drown us all we here can say at least that we never stopped shining a way to safe harbor. Cold comfort, but it beats cuckery.


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