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If you have an objective flaw, then as a man the best attitude to cop is a wry, over-confident disregard of it. Chicks dig men who aren’t wracked with self-doubt.

Observe any men good with women and the one trait the supreme womanizers share is an indifference, natural or studied, to their own limitations, weaknesses, and blemishes. The pickup artist worth his beaver pelts never expresses self-doubt in public, certainly not in the company of sexy women, and even in private he nurtures a deep reluctance to the kind of wallowing in self-pity that so often marks out the typical beta male three levels deep into rationalizing his romantic exile.

Are you poor? Never let a woman see you sweat about it. The poor jerkboy doesn’t shine a spotlight on his economic distress; he may occasionally own it with a droll Agree&Amplify — “my chauffeur’s out front. his name’s Honda and he’s 16 years old” — but beyond that he gives no indication of shame.

Same goes for shortness, ugliness, older/younger age, etc. Don’t act like it bothers you. Don’t make excuses for your shortcoming (heh), don’t draw unnecessary attention to it, don’t wring your hands over it. If you fret, girls won’t get wet.

Women aren’t the best objective evaluators of a man’s worth. Women DO have very good radar for a man’s PERCEIVED worth, and perceptions can be altered. Women think highly of men who think highly of themselves first. An objectively HSMV man who’s riddled with self-doubt eventually wears down women and loses their admiration (and arousal). An objectively lower SMV man who ACTS like a HSMV man, and comports himself as if he fully trusts his inflated self-regard, will engorge women’s curiosity and wrest their admiration.

A man must first stroke himself before women will do it for him.

PS This is possibly big news: Sources have told FoxNews that British Intelligence surveilled Trump on behalf of the Gay Mulatto Administration. That’s a clever way for the Derp States of the US and UK to get around the legal prohibitions against spying on their own citizens….just collect the data on each others’ countrymen, (which is legal since it’s spying on foreigners), and then exchange the data sets.

The Surveillance State is one of the great evils of our age. It was carried into the Anglo West in the Trojan Horse of Diversity, proving that Diversity is our wiretapping. No multi-racial stew lowering social trust and harboring terrorists, no need for the Surveillance State.

PPS I don’t want this post to be misconstrued as a call to avoid improving oneself. The cocksure, overconfident player doesn’t tolerate his personal flaws, especially if those flaws are fixable. The man who wants it all hates the thought that he might leave pussy on the table because he allowed a scab on his SMV to ooze and fester. Sustaining that charismatic ZFG attitude that girls love is easier when there’s a foundation supporting its stylish facade. That foundation could be self-reinforcing — i.e., charm begets more charm — or it could be a conventional buttress (better job, more money, bigger muscles, enlarged social circle, swankier home, brighter teeth, shinier trophies).


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