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I gotta get something off my privileged pale pecs. Male urbanwear/street fashion/business casual has really taken a nosedive in the last few years. Skinny pants that hug the leg and ankle or end halfway up the calf? Jeans so tight and femininely contoured that men wearing them sashay and look like they have birthing hips? Sweatpants cuffed at the ankle and leaving enough saggy material in the rump to hold a deuce? All-day pajamas?? Worse, pajama tops that don’t even match the bottoms?

WTF is this infantile androgynous shit? I can’t understand how any woman would be attracted to this look on a man. It’s as if the world’s fashion designers got together and declared, “How can we make men look as unmasculine as possible?”

Related, at about the same time male fashion started sucking androgyne nub, the amount of floor space clothing retailers have devoted to the men’s section has shrunk considerably. Either men aren’t buying clothes for themselves because they have no money and no hope of attracting a woman, or fashion has gone 100% gay homosexual. Or the internet has allowed the vidgya game-playing, porn-fapping, dropped-out generation(s) of men to subsist on the barest clothing essentials: t-shirts and underwear.

They way we’re heading, men’s underwear may soon be out of style, replaced by manties or an arrow and a “gloryhole input” sign.


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