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A photo of a well-dressed couple on a date, taken in the 1920s. (h/t Shiv Sharpening Apprentice)


That’s the classic “package display” alpha male position. Leg up, pelvis thrust jauntily forward, one hand resting on hip the other hand landing some sweet prime time kino on the girl.

There are few men in our present day who would impudently impose upon a woman like this. One, he’d have to worry about some mentally unbalanced feminist twat blowing a rape culture whistle in his face. Two, testosterone levels are down across the board. This is not idle speculation; American men really have experienced a major decline in T over the last few generations. Most of today’s emasculates feel more comfy tightly crossing their legs like women and daintily folding their hands in their laps.

CH Maxim #30: Men who get laid impose themselves on women. If your aggressive body language around women feels a little uncomfortable to you, you’re doing it right.


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