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Fake it till she betrays it. A study found that a woman who fakes her orgasms a lot is also more likely to cheat.

According to a new study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, women who regularly fake orgasms were less faithful.

The survey studied 138 women and 121 men in heterosexual relationships and asked them about climaxing and cheating.

While the intensity and frequency of female orgasms had little bearing on whether women had cheated before or were likely to cheat in the future.

But there was a definite link between the number of times a woman faked her climax and how likely she was to cheat.

Women have a dual mating strategy. They evolved to reassure beta providers, and to rock their ovaries with fly-by-night alphas. A woman who is especially skilled at, and motivated to, fake her orgasms is a woman pursuing her dual mate strategy of comforting a lovemaking beta and convulsing with a raw dogging alpha.

Be aware of the female infidelity red flags, especially this giant banner. The healthiest relationships are those entered with clear eyes, full heart, and Girl Two in the kitty.


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