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Recall The Chateau Fundamental Premise — that sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive and this biomechanic reality manifests as observable cultural and institutional differences in the treatment of men and women — while reading this comment by long dong silver drawing a contrast in response between the Slut Walk March and the Bonus Army protest of 1932.

If a group of men marched on Washington and the state capitols in the same numbers, I’m certain that the police would to nearly [full] media coverage crack some skulls. Funny how that works. One little footnote in history not taught in the history textbooks anymore is the Bonus March. Over 17,000 WWI veterans and their families set up shop on DC in 1932. It was much like the occupy movement of a few years back. The veterans had tent cities that included their families. They were broke and hopeless. Uncle Sam promised them cash for their WWI Service but didn’t pay. In response, they staged a peaceful but lengthy protest. President Hoover responded by sicking General MacArthur on them with cavalry, infantry, and tanks. The media called the protestors “the Bonus Army.” They were not an army at all. It was a hobo camp. Imagine if that happened to these women. You can’t because it wouldn’t. The message is clear: Eggs are precious, sperm is cheap. Men’s legitimate complaints are met with either shame or truncheons. Women’s slight pet peeves are demonized by publicly funded propaganda or made outright illegal. We live in clown world.

The Fundamental Premise coupled with leftoid equalist control of the media apparatuses means that 17,000 WWI homeless vets with a legitimate grievance against their government get crushed by cavalry and tanks, while half a million cat ladies and emotionally frazzled wine-chugging cock hoppers with NO LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCES WHATSOEVER in the year 2017 beyond a chance to vent their self-inflicted spinster frustrations on a world stage custom built to satisfy the most demanding attention whore’s ego get lavished with endless praise and credulity by every American power structure that isn’t named Trump or Chateau Heartiste.

Ringling Bros recently announced it was closing down for good. So clown world does have a termination date.


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