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Step back for a moment and marvel at all the knees bending before Trump has even taken office. Courtesy of shill, who bullet points the shit out of the glorious shitlordery following in the wake of Trump’s election win.

It’s been a fortnight since the election, and trump has already

1. gotten ford to keep their plants in america
2. intimidated apple into moving manufacturing to america
3. ruined the latest extolled faggy broadway play with a 140 character bitchslap on twitter
4. picked an old fashioned southern gentleman, sweet-tea drinking, nagger-hating lawyer to run the justice department
5. appointed steve bannon, a conservative nationalist in the european sense (versus some libertard/cuckservative/etc), as his top advisor
6. Driven the entire liberal hive to stuttering apoplexy to the point where they need to pet therapy dogs to ameliorate their anxiety attacks

And he hasn’t even been inaugurated.

I want to know. I’ve had a big indelible intransigent smirk on my face for the past 2 weeks, but… will we honestly get tired of winning?

If suffering through eight years of compassionate cuckservative W and eight years of anti-White spitemeister Gay Mulatto was the price to pay to enjoy even one week of Trumperica taking the media, cucks, and shitlibs to the wood chipper, then mein gott it was worth the price. All that’s left to wonder is whether my shitjoy, multiplied and magnified by eight more years of The Trumpening, will leave me any dopaminergic room to equally appreciate competing pleasures, such as five hour sexathons with HB9s or defunding NPR*.

*Leftoids control the vertical and horizontal of information gateways. Cons have argued for a long time that the solution to NPR’s egregiously mendacious leftwing bias is to inject more uncucked cons into their line-up, but when has that happened? Still tapping foot….

No, the solution is defunding. Let the shitlibs wail (their peals of pain are its own reward) and then counter with a mercy offer to refund contingent on the creation of a new board balanced with shitlords.


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