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Morbid Empathobesity

A reader describes the societal stage at which empathobesity becomes life-threatening.

The commenter knows his history:

“To illustrate using the example of England, starting with the Magna Carta in 1215, we have the English civil war in 1642, the glorious revolution in 1688, Habeas Corpus, the reform acts of the 19th century, the representation of the people acts of the early 20th, feminism, Welfare, the sexual revolution, mass migration, gay rights, animal rights, transgender rights and so on.”

I’ve studied the fall of empires dating back to the Babylonians, and boiled the causes down to three (not mutually exclusive):

1. Deficit spending
2. Imperialism
3. Social factors such as mass immigration, debauchery, and dependence on welfare or other subsidies.

Basically, with #3, we are looking at the tipping point from where the people feel they have to collectively participate for the good of the nation to the point at which they start approaching it with their hands out.

As someone who seems familiar with complex systems theory, you’ll understand that a symbiotic relationship can become parasitic, given some sort of divergence or disparity. Empathy is no exception.

Human ecosystems rife with Debt, Deception, and Diversity™ exist in very unstable equilibria for only short periods, usually while sustained by a reserve of dwindling prosperity. Once any residual faith in the system is lost, it’s lost for good, and the mad rush to the cash out of the country begins in earnest. Those with universalist impulses are sucked dry in a parasite swarm, their gullibility and empty moral posturing feeding the bloodsuckers until citizen duty gives way to culture cannibalism.

I’d call this advanced disease state Morbid Empathobesity, suggesting the suicidal altruism status signaling that is symptomatic of empathobesity has metastasized and threatens the survival of the nation.


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