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Why are mudsharks and White male race cucks so reviled? One reason is the intuitive understanding existing in all people (even nonWhites) that White woman pussy is the Moloko Bush of earthly pussy. And being a holder of the world’s Number One Nethers means that with such power one accepts great responsibility for its stewardship. Now ask yourselves, does it seem like White women are exercising good stewardship of their Golden Gashes? The obesity epidemic, let alone the slow rise in WW-BM interracial dating, suggests White women have fallen down on the job of keeping their down above the mob.

On that depilated note, here’s reader syonredux on another post-Western Civilization trend among White women falling out of favor with their own wombs: the adoption and raising of third world sprogs in place of White children.

You know what might be even more sickening than White male (one can’t call them men) race cucks? White females (one can’t call them women) who gleefully raise the cuckoo’s young as though it were their very own.

Take Charlize Theron as a case study. A truly gorgeous woman. At her peak, a definite 10. Now, in any kind of sane society, her life would have followed two possible paths:

A: Married and had kids at her physical peak (say, 18-25)

B: Acted/modeled until she was maybe 30, then, just as the bloom starts to fade, marries and has kids.

In either case, she would have put her solid-gold vagina to good use by marrying an Alpha White man and pumping out 3-4 (minimum) White children.

In our insane society, though, she lets her White ova rot and adopts some Black kids:



To call it madness is no hyperbole. Beautiful white woman pussyfruit rotting on the vine. Cucks would have us import millions of dusky malcontents to pick that fruit so that it can be sold on the open sexual market at discount bin prices. But we don’t even need the cucks; too many White women appear ready and eager to spit on their glorious race and culture heritage, and to disavow even the Darwinian Prime Directive.



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