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Recall the hoverhand. It’s a physical tell of beta male awkwardness and psychological discomfort around women. Chicks assuredly do not dig it, because chicks have a finely tuned receiver for body language cues that reveal a man’s mate value. The male hoverhand says to girls, “I do not get laid much, and I am really desperate and horny for female love. Will you choo choo choose me? Please excuse my flushed face, I just got finished fapping to 31 tabs of porn.”

Appositely, you will never see an alpha male hoverhand. The confident, experienced gentleman has no trouble resting his hands on women’s supple flesh, even women he just met. And women love him for this, because his poised palming bespeaks a winner who gets laid a lot, who is not desperate for female attention, and who doesn’t fear potential rejection from women who may initially flinch under his brash brace.

Guess who doesn’t hoverhand?

That’s right. Donald “My Hand Will Claim Your Body Like Columba’s Guac Claimed Jeb’s Heart” Trump.

Trump’s got his hands around the waists of two cuties, and there’s no air between his palms and their bodies. Not even his fingertips hover. The alpha male takes ownership of women, and Trump is doing that here. (FYI, women love to be owned by a powerful man.)

Also notice that Trump is employing the “flirting” hand position. Not too presumptuous (like the hineyhand), not too sheepish (like the friend hand). And certainly not the virgin hand. You can accuse Trump of many things, but you can’t say he’s an incel beta male. Trump’s flirt mode is always on, whether it’s directed at Hooters girls or at American voters.


Since we’re on the topic of Trump and his ability to put on a daily clinic in Game principles and tactics, reader Travis writes,

Hailey accuses Trump of being “angry” and tells the people to ignore him. Trump agrees and amplifies…


His response is basically, “You’re damn right I’m angry. I’m angry about how this country is being run. And so are the American people. Anger is good. Anger is what this country needs.”
I know it started out as a joke, but I’m really starting to believe that either Trump, or one of his aides is a Chateau lurker.

I was recently emailed by an anonymous admirer who said he/she has insider access to Trump’s campaign and that there were at least two Trumpites who read this YUGE, BEAUTIFUL blog. I can’t verify the truth of the assertion, so take it for what it is (100% TRUE).


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