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ZFG (zero fucks given, otherwise known as aloofness & indifference, or outcome independence) is a fundamental principle of seduction that will rarely fail a man adhering to it. But there are those times during a courtship, infrequent but pregnant with suspenseful uncertainty, when a man would do well to give a girl a small token of his attainability, which is expressed with a fleeting affair with sincerity. In other words, you need to occasionally swap your shitlord for your lovelord. Reader Mr. Meaner demonstrates,

OT game post, but sort of related.

Text convo I had with a chick recently.

Her: You’ve made me so horny today. Can’t wait to see you again.

Her: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Yes, it is a full 8 inches.

Her: Lol. Are you sleeping with anybody else atm?

Me: Only your sister

Her: So no?

Me: Haha, why would you ask me that? You sound like my wife. Except my wife is on vacation at the moment.

Her: Haha. What are you doing this weekend?

Run of the mill shit test, but notice how you have to shift the frame slightly when she persists beyond the smart-ass flirty responses. CH has touched on this before. One or two smart-ass responses is good game, but being a total shitlord with zero sincerity is too transparent. The “Why would you ask me that?” is a solid reframe in this situation.

Note this: A chick who’s horny and can barely control herself around you will shit test you to find any excuse to lose those out-of-control tingles. They’re scary for her, because they’re real, and so few real-life guys give them to her. Don’t give her the easy excuse she needs to extinguish them by answering her concerns like a sperg.

I give this Text Game an A+. Perfect execution. Lots of great teasing, taunting, negging, and amused mastery. No beta apologetics or defensiveness or sappy romanticism. The moment of sincerity — not too direct, but just a glancing blow delivering a glimpse of “realness” — comes when Meaner says “why would you ask me that?”, followed by a quick cocky jab of humor, taken all together providing the right amount genuine response to the girl’s yearning desire to know whether he was sleeping with any other women, (in turn lowering her anti-slut defense shields).

This is how it’s done. A lot of jerkboy game seasoned with a sprinkle of vulnerability game. Tat for tit. All play and a little work make Jack a sexy boy.


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