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Four Alphas Enter A Bar…

Frosty passes along a wild scene starring four alpha males jockeying for Trumpian glory.

I read a story once in which Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, and Clint Eastwood were all at a party. The producer Robert Evans reported that ALL of the women there gravitated to just one of the four. I have quizzed women on which of the four they think it was, and most of them get the answer right: [REDACTED]

I know the answer. Maybe readers can guess which alpha commanded all the female attention.

Hint: Don’t think like a man. Think like a woman. What kind of man do women love more than men admire? The word starts with a J.


And the one man of the four alphas who got all the gina tingles is….

Jack the Jerkboy.

The readers guessed right. Their Chateau training is paying off.

Many commenters quote stories and do personality assessments that reveal why Jack was so alluring to women.

jack nicholson has a dynamic personality that along with ZFG includes a good sense of humor and some real acting ability. he seems like he would be a blast to hang out with and he also seems have some depth and wisdom.


I vote Jack– cinematically, he’s played the most psychos and truly dangerous men. Kubrick wanted him for Napoleon. Supposedly a huge jerk in real life too.


A sexy woman walked up to Nicholson at a party and asked him “Do you want to dance?” Jack looked her up and down and said “Wrong verb” [ed: try hearing this in your head with jack’s voice. pussy parting perfection.]


If thought like a man it would be Redford, the most pretty boy of all four. But the jerkiest is Nicholson, so I vote for him.


Eastwood’s strong, silent type would win in a stern age of purpose. The answer has to be Jack Nicholson, he’s the coolest.


So for me, it came down to Nicholson versus Eastwood. The other three are almost exactly the same age, but Eastwood is several years older, so I was going to give it to Clint based on that plus his simple physical masculinity – voice, height, attitude – when I read the clue and realized I was thinking like a man: Eastwood is more conventionally alpha than Nicholson, but women go for the jerk.


Beatty: try-hard alpha
Eastwood: leader of men
Redford: borderline beta
Nicholson: Joker smile.
The Joker it is.


Thinking like a man, I would have thought Eastwood. However both Jack and Warren were known as real lady’s men. As per the hint, I’ll say Jack. But his appeal eludes me. I guess it was his “bad boy” image.


A shitlib, a cuckservative, a shabbos goy and a crazy man walk into a bar . . .

. . . and the women choose wisely.


Faggy �?looks are everything’ types would say Robert Redford. [ed: yup. they’ll never learn.]


Why would Jack Nicholson get all the actual action, but Redford would get the most verbal praise if women saw pictures of all four? [ed: to ask is to answer.]


One final point, as I stated in previous post, who gets raped in prison of the four? Redford is wearing lipstick and has his shirt tied off showing his tummy. Beatty is more reluctant but after being promised protection by who he thinks can protect him joins in to stay alive. Clint and Jack you have to kill to fuck, just that simple.


Redford is the guy that would get the most love based on looks alone. If women saw photos of these four guys, they’d pick Redford. Yet in a real-life situation they’d fuck Nicholson over Redford.

I’ve noticed this is in real life as well. There is a tremendous disparity between the men that women say they find attractive, and the ones they actually have a strong desire to fuck. Pretty-boy vs alpha. Comments / further explanation? [ed: check the CH archives. there are more than a few posts on this very topic.]

Good insight and powers of inference from the readers. Well done. Here is an article about Jack’s legendary ladykiller skills.

According to biographer Marc Eliot, the pair [nicholson and streep] weren’t discussing the script. He claims the trailer would rock around with such energy that it seemed to be balanced on thin springs — �?four overworked Slinkys’, as one alleged witness put it […]

Even before he was famous, the parties that Jack Nicholson would throw — the sex, drinks and drugs — were well-known in Sixties Tinseltown. At what was dubbed the �?wildest house in Hollywood’, Nicholson presided over �?round-the-clock partying, drinks, drugs, sex . . . and beautiful, hot, willing girls who loved to get just as high as the boys and have a good time,’ […]

Having divested himself of his wife and daughter, after the former grew tired of his womanising and divorced him, the eternal bachelor moved into a mansion next door to Marlon Brando and down Mulholland Drive from Warren Beatty. (The road was dubbed Bad Boy Drive in their honour).

Though Beatty was a legendary skirt-chaser, Hollywood insiders say Nicholson left him standing when it came to success with women. Indeed, the pair would play childish tit-for-tat games in trying to steal girlfriends off each other. […]

Naturally, Nicholson exploited the sexual opportunities stardom gave him. Making his debut as a director in the 1971 film drama Drive, He Said, Nicholson decided that in-depth research was needed to find the perfect girl for the brief non-sexual nudity in the film.

Stoned on cannabis, he auditioned more than 100 attractive young actresses in his Hollywood office, making each disrobe in front of him and then subjecting them to a �?near-medical examination’. […]

Nicholson reputedly slept with 2,000 women (he modestly insists he never counted), but the one that lasted the longest — 17 years amazingly — was Anjelica Huston.

She was 14 years his junior and admitted he fulfilled a paternal need in her. �?Jack is very definitely a real man, one who gets your blood going,’ she told Eliot.

It was just as well he did, as she had to put up with a lot of cheating. […]

Age difference never bothered Nicholson. He was the other side of 50 when he began an affair with 19-year-old British actress Karen Mayo-Chandler. Stripping off for Playboy later, she told the magazine Nicholson was a �?naughty little boy’ and �?guaranteed non-stop sex machine into fun and games, like spankings, handcuffs, whips and Polaroid pictures’.

Jerkboy Jack is a patron saint of Le Chateau.


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