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I’ve moved the “Shit Cuckservatives Say” post to its own permanent page at the top of the Chateau Heartiste masthead. Please leave all further contributions to this ongoing reference list of shit that cuckservatives say in the comments section to that new dedicated page.


You might be a cuckservative if…


The flag of cuckservatism:


Matt Lewis, high fagstress of cuckservatism (he’s the tolerant sort who hates hate and wants all you Realtalkers opposed to abject prostration to be killed with fire):


Cuckservatism has been mentioned in a major Hivemind propaganda organ, (complete with a fedora-tip to The League of Rascally Whyte Sadists).

If you want to know just how far down the cuckhole most Hivemind drones have fallen, here’s a representative comment to the WashPost article from “comedownmachine”:

A few thoughts on this issue:
1. Is anyone else actually kind of surprised at how common this worldview appears to be? I always knew there were racist Stormfront loonies still hanging around, but I didn’t really think it was this bad.
2. Uh…What exactly is the proposed solution that these people have to the fact that minorities exist in America? Genocide? ??????????
3. Come on, it’s 2015. Let’s get our heads out of our a$$es and realize that levels of skin pigmentation literally have no bearing on anything and that “race” doesn’t even scientifically exist.


Or this comment from a concern trolling shitlib:

I really hate this practice of making up stupid words for insults. It is childish and demonstrates a limited vocabulary.


Or this comment from Fairlington(GAY)Blade, who replied to a laundry list of racial hatefacts with this plaintive squirt of estrogen:

I see the bigots are out. Perhaps you would care to explain those statistics to Bobby Jindal?


Refreshingly, there are some commenters with a bit of fight left in them:

Liberal cat lady politics: trying to save all the strays but destroying your own home and life in the process. Google: “pathological altruism”

Then, pay a visit to Chateau Heartiste. You’ll leave here better than you came.


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