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Black Angel, White Devil

Whenever you read a news story or watch a conveniently edited video seemingly demonstrating a BadWhite cop injudiciously restraining a nonwhite Being of Light, you can bet nine out of ten times there’s a mischievous backstory that completely undermines the GoodWhite Narrative™™™. And yet again that truism appears to be the operating premise in the latest Black Angel, White Devil imbroglio. (That sound you hear is the rapid deflation of the Talented Tenth’s hope in the Untalented Ninetieth’s capacity to resist Narrative self-sabotage.)

A reader summarizes the untold full story of the McKinney, Texas arrest, when Vibrancy rudely interrupted Poolside Time.

The clusterfuck comes into play here when a non-resident, Tatiana Rhodes (further referred to as “Princess Dindu Nuffins”) and her mother decided to organize and promote an event w/DJ and pool party at the park area of Craig Ranch Subdivision, in McKinney, TX. Neither Princess Dindu Nuffins and mother Dindu Nuffins obtained permission, nor paid to rent the facility for their party that was promoted on Twitter which obviously would solicit participation from the free-shit army…Princess Dindu Nuffins claims a promotion business and apparently this event was her baby and it provided her another avenue to promote another event that would sell tickets in advance of said event. What better way to keep overhead on the cheap by taking over a privately controlled neighborhood park without residents nor neighborhood security being aware of until the free shit army arrived in car-loads to take over, climbing fences and generally bullying their way into the scene in total defiance of residents questioning what was happening in their own community.

Did you know the white officer involved in this Tom Wolfe-ian fiasco was forced to resign, practically at gunpoint? (He has received numerous death threats). But, you know, the boylets at Vox will never stop telling you about the blessings of Diversity from their sharply appointed, 99% gentrified open-air offices and African art-splattered condos, complete with rooftop pool ten stories above the howling mob.

Let’s cut to the bone. A large minority, perhaps a majority, of black Americans are incapable of civilized behavior to the standard of white norms without a strong pimp hand to keep them in line. Choke on this, Tim “My Faggot Ass Bleeds Pathogenic Phony Antiracism Altruism” Wise.


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