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How Women Avoid Consequences

Commenter Wrecked ‘Em writes,

OT, but good comment over at iSteve about “Karpman Drama Triangle”… [ed: i can’t be bothered to find the link] and how women transmogrify from “strong woman – hear me roar” to “damsel in distress – rescue me” very quickly to wiggle out of consequences and to keep the blame on “not me”. Might be a good topic to investigate.

This all gets back to the Fundamental Premise. Women are the biologically and reproductively more valuable sex, (men are the culturally and civilizationally more valuable sex), and this instinctive reality influences every social and political aspect of our lives. It’s the reason why women are eager to recuse themselves from any blame, no matter how deserving, and the reason why men are eager to enable women to do this.

Since this sex difference in blame apportioning and accountability is biological in nature, there will never be a program or seminar or rehabilitation camp capable of overturning it. The most you can do is point it out so the worst excesses of it aren’t codified into law by raving feminist lunatics and nancyboy beta suckups.

Women are indeed verbal magicians in the art of redirecting blame and avoiding consequences for their actions. They likely evolved this talent as an answer (antidote?) to male physical and martial superiority. Some other ways women avoid consequences:

– blaming “the system” or “the patriarchy” (this covers a wide swath of feminist philosophy, such as it is)
– pathologizing male behavior
– exploiting white knights (most of whom are beta males secretly yearning for romantic attention)
– making “for the children” pleas
– demanding female sexual empowerment, then demanding desexualized men (a fine demonstration of cruelty)
– gossip and alliance-building
– tears
– sex withdrawal (the male analogue of sex withdrawal is resource withdrawal. ask a wife how she’d feel about that!)
– its opposite: promises of sex
– poisoning children against their fathers
– making, or threatening, abuse and rape allegations (more common than most think, because a tyrannical state permits this vile behavior to metastasize)
– being unaware of or ill-disposed toward examining their own sexual machinations (it’s easier to defy blame for crappy behavior when you can’t perceive the importance of your agency, or the motivation for your desires)

It’s good to know these unsavory characteristics of women, but unfortunately the inertia toward idealizing the imagined purity of women is strong in tradcons like Steve Sailer and Ross Douthat. No offense to these gentlemen (ok, a little offense), they mean well and their Galileic work in these neoPuritan times is invaluable, but their #Realtalk stops at the bedroom door, like it does for most men with limited experience in the mating trenches.


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