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“Anonymous” compiles an extensive list of Errol Flynn’s exploits for consideration in the AOTM contest.


Submitting Errol Flynn for Alpha of the century award

a few interesting facts

>expelled from 3 schools by age 15 for having sex with the school laundress and constant fighting

>went to new guinea at age 18 to be a slave trader and gold prospector amongst other jobs and ended up killing a native in self defense, being tried for murder and being acquitted

>had a job as a sheep castrater in Australia but had to flee after his boss found him in bed with his daughter and threatened to shoot him with a shotgun

>nearly died after overdosing on medication to cure gonorrhea

>had his belly slashed open after getting into a fight with a rickshaw man over not paying him a tip

>had an affair with an 45 year old rich married woman in his early 20s and ‘borrowed’ her jewels off her bedside table before legging it, later when he became famous he attempted to track her down to pay her back

>when he first moved to Hollywood he let everyone assume he was from Ireland because it was ‘easier that way’

>When banned from drinking on a film set, he would inject oranges with vodka and eat them during his breaks

>beat the shit out of an extra on a film set because he knocked him off a horse

>One day on the set, director Vincent Sherman was dismayed to find that Errol had failed to appear on time for a scene. He got a female extra to go and retrieve him. 15 minutes later there was still no sign of Flynn. Sherman, irate, barged into Flynn’s dressing room – and was shocked to find him stark naked, having sex with the woman.The film in question? The Adventures of Don Juan!

>had to climb out the back window of a brothel in Cuba after a local girls school found out he was inside and all the students and teachers stood cheering and dancing outside waiting for his exit

>was constantly involved in bar brawls and fights with police throughout his life

>While filming an action-packed scene one day, famed director Michael Curtiz, a stickler for realism, ordered an army of extras to throw authentic spears at Flynn. In a fit of anger, Flynn, dodging a hail of lethal projectiles, raced across the set – and headed straight for Curtiz. The director’s response? He beat a hasty retreat – and promptly called out: “Lunch!”

>While visiting a lesbian bar in Paris one night, Errol noticed his girlfriend slow-dancing with a tough dike. Flynn stepped in to pick a fight – and was promptly punched out. “If they hear about this in Hollywood,” he gasped from the floor, “I’m finished.”

>once went waterskiing with his best friend David Niven and Davids girlfriend. He then cut the rope on Niven leaving him stranded in the sea full of sharks then zoomed off in the motorboat to have sex with his girlfriend

>hosted cockfights in his house

>once his beloved dog fell overboard and drowned and a snide columnist wrote a cheeky article about flynn failing to rescue his dog….When Flynn seen him in a restaurant one night he flattened him with a single punch, however he got a fork in the ear for his troubles off the columnists wife

>once tricked a Washington diplomat into showing up to one of his partys naked promising him a sex fueled orgy. He was let int he front door by a naked maid and instructed to remove his clothes. He did this with a big smile on his face at the sight of this beautiful naked maid. He was led into the party room where there was 30 fully clothed people all in uncontrollable laughter.

>bugged the ladies bathroom of his Hollywood mansion so he and his friends could hear what women were saying about them in the toilet. (from what he heard he concluded that women are much dirtier than men)

>Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper told a story about how Errol Flynn, angered about an item she put in a column about him, appeared on her doorstep. When she answered the door, he was facing her… masturbating.
“I began laughing,” Hopper said, “and continued laughing until he finished with a dramatic flourish all over my doorstep. I’ll say one thing for Errol. He’s the only man I know who can ejaculate in front of a fully dressed woman who’s laughing derisively during the entire process.” Flynn then said ”Will you invite me to come here again?”

>rejected from the US army for a number of health problems including a bad heart, malaria and numerous venereal diseases

>Was tried on 2 counts of statutory rape in 1942 but was acquitted

>met his second wife aged 18 years old while she was working at a snack counter in a courthouse during his statutory rape trial [ed: doubleplusheh.]

>the phrase ‘in like Flynn’ is coined after him referring to his success with women

>when he sold his mansion due to being in debt the new owners had 3 trucks come to take away the empty vodka bottles Flynn and his drinking buddies threw out the window into the ravine behind

>was a big supporter of and drinking buddies with Fidel Castro

>was rumored to put his own semen in the omelets he sometimes made for his guests

>loved to sail aboard his yacht. An admiring fan once got herself invited aboard and Errol showed her the view from below the deck. The fan’s husband angrily boated out to the yacht and demanded his spouse. The wife dove off Errol’s yacht and started to swim to her mate’s boat. Before she made it the husband sailed off. So did Errol.

>Flynn’s yacht was such a hotbed of sexual activity that he frequently flew a flag reading “FFF” – short for “Flynn’s Flying Fuckers.” Flynn kept tabs on everyone’s conquests in a score book, and presented notable performers with a badge depicting a penis.

>was nearly killed on multiple occasions at gunpoint after being caught by a man in bed with his wife

>stated that his behavior in brothels throughout his life had been exemplary and they were about the only establishment he was never thrown out of

>after John Barrymore’s death in 1942, director Raoul Walsh, actor Peter Lorre and a few other jokers, dragged his corpse into Errol Flynn’s living room while he was off drinking and sat it in a chair.When Flynn returned home from the pub, he took off his coat, nodded to Barrymore, took three steps toward the bar, and froze.”Oh, my God!” he cried, before cautiously approaching Barrymore and poking him. Flynn and the others promptly burst out laughing and they all had a well-needed drink.

>drank over a litre of vodka a day

>was a chain smoker his entire life

>bought a small island in the Caribbean but then lost it in a poker game

>died at age 50 from multiple organ failure due to alcoholism, autopsy showed he had body of 75 year old man when he died

>most famous quote ‘if i have any genius at all, its a genius for living’


According to the Gay Or Straight gaydar, Errol Flynn is very straight compared with other celebrities. (Although Flynn didn’t mind being rumored as bisexual. Rumors of that nature can actually work to a man’s benefit if he has a history of bedding thousands of women. What woman can resist a mystery, or a challenge?)

If even half of these tales are true, Flynn was a larger-than-life super alpha. I would call him a specific breed of super alpha, the Hell-Raiser. Reckless and self-destructive, the Hell-Raiser is the alpha male who constantly tempts danger and lives on borrowed time. His lack of concern for anything resembling good sense extends to his own well-being; Hell-Raisers often die young from the excesses of multiple vices.

Most Hell-Raisers are volatile and stupid (and highly attractive to good girls and women surrounded by weak and boring men). Flynn was that rare combination of the clever thrill-seeker who enjoyed the spectacle of fucking with the heads of his adversaries (and his friends). Still, like most impulsive, present time oriented Hell-Raisers, he couldn’t curb his drinking to prevent his premature death. Despite his love affair with the bottle, he was fortunate to have lived as long as he did, given his penchant for getting caught bedding the wives of angry husbands pointing handguns at him.

The Hell-Raiser with fame, looks and money is a force of nature few women can resist, at least not at first before self-preservation kicks in. His kind can rack up truly epic notch counts, partly on the strength of his allure to women, partly by the heedlessness with which he capitalizes on that allure. Live fast, die young, leave a thousand bastards (or broken hearts) behind.


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