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Commenter Trust perceptively piths over at Alpha Game Plan,

Another way men and women’s thinking is alien to one another. They see liberty a different way. To a man, they see liberty as making their own choices and bearing both the benefits and consequences of their choices.

Women, on the other hand perceive liberation as making their own choices and enjoying any rewards, while passing the consequences to others. Which, of course isn’t liberty at all.

Hence this [Scotland independence] vote. They see the union as an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of another, failing to see the other party in the union has wants and expectations as well.

This is one of those things that will have overlap between the sexes, but in a large enough sample size one will be able to discern obvious sex differences in emotional perceptions of broad abstract principles, like liberty. And yes, it has been my experience that women do tend to underplay the role of honor and self-determination and the consequences thereof compared with how men view those topics. Women are simply more pragmatic and self-serving than men, and this kind of difference bubbles up often in surveys that ask each sex their opinions of big issues like independence or national healthcare.


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