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Reformed Blue Piller painfully recounts,

Betas live in hope; partly because they are unaware and naive as to women’s true nature and motivations.
It’s the same sort of thinking where a guy might believe that a stripper likes him because they had a conversation in a strip club and she was nice to him.
I know because I once was so Blue Pill it was painful.
Also; as far as socialising, in many cases there aren’t really that many alternatives other than going to bars/clubs.

Hope is the feeling that really nails the naive beta male belief system about women’s nature. Hope is the true mindkiller, surpassing fear in enervating power. Hope is 500 Days of Beta, languishing in daydreams and comforting superstition while the real world spins on by.

You will never hear a natural say “I talked to a stripper. I hope that means she likes me.”

Hope is the last refuge of the inert. Save hope for divine vocations and train your cynic’s eye on earthly concerns.


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