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“Work on your personality.”

This is the best CH vetted and approved advice a father could give to his homely, beta-ish son. It’s the advice singer Marc Anthony got from his father.

The 45-year-old has been married to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez, but is under no illusion about his looks. He understands he isn’t the most handsome guy on the planet, so took his dad’s advice to work on his charm. […]

“My dad would tell me, ‘Son, I’m ugly and you’re ugly – work on your personality.’ I swear to God. I told him a couple of months ago, I said, ‘Dad, you remember telling me that when I was little?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll tell you that sh*t today, too!’ I think it served me well, I think confidence is a powerful thing.”

Confidence is indeed a powerful thing.

Ugly men have options for improving their sexual market value that ugly women don’t have. A man can learn to be more charming, more assertive, more socially dominant… he can amass a small fortune or excel at the arts. He can become famous. All of these things plus more will compensate for his ugly looks.

Women, whatever other dating marketplace advantages they enjoy as a sex, are at a strict disadvantage to men in the options available to them as compensation for born ugliness. A socially savvy, dominant, famous, rich, charming ugly woman is still an ugly woman first and last to the men she desires.


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