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Tease Girls Right Away

Teasing — aka foreplay — is to girls what firm D cups and a perfect pert ass are to men. Most men think teasing is something that’s supposed to happen later, after a warming-up period when the man is on his best behavior trying to impress the girl.

Oh no no. You should start teasing girls from the word hello.

My first tease can drop as early as the girl asking my name.

GIRL: “What’s your name?”
BEELZEBUB’S BODY DOUBLE: “Amanda Huggenkiss/Jacques Strap/Seymour Butz”

Then I hold for applause (or an eye twinkle). Sometimes the girl gets the joke, sometimes not. It doesn’t really matter, because most of the time she’ll ask if that’s my real name.

GIRL: “No, really, what’s your name?”
BEELZEBUB’S BODY DOUBLE: “I read somewhere that women love men with an air of mystery. Why would you want to ruin that?”

Notice I don’t answer the girl’s demands with any sort of promptness. Instead, I rib her. Breaking rapport is an attractive trait that signals comfort and ease in the company of women, which in turn signals @#ALPHA. A beta male never breaks rapport because he’s so focused on seeking a girl’s approval that he follows her every word like a dutiful stenographer, and answers her every question like a teacher’s pet.

A good tease will provoke a smile and possibly a tingle from even the bitchiest women. Don’t fear the tease. Deploy it early and often. If a girl isn’t mock angry and faux indignant, you aren’t doing your job as a sexy man.


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