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Ever notice how it’s the cute chicks who glom onto assholes and JERKBOYS the most, utterly belying the assertion by sexual market denialists that the kinds of girls assholes get are low self-esteem skanks and warpigs?

So what kinds of women do the world’s biggest assholes — serial killers — fuck (and, tragically, chuck)? You’d have to be a detective investigating one of these demons to know the quality of girls he’s boning. Well now, photographic evidence has surfaced supporting the anecdotal impression that hot babes dig the biggest jerks of them all.

Rodney Alcala, a serial killer who fulfilled his grisly urges in the 1970s (and was even a contestant on a dating game show, which he won), was found guilty in 2010 of killing four women and a 12-year-old girl. He is a former photographer who took many pictures of the women who accompanied him to his various haunts and lairs. Police found the photos in a storage locker rented to Alcala, and posted them online for information the public might have about any of the women in them, (presumably some of the women in the photos are still missing). You can see a slideshow of the photos here.

Observe anything about the photos? Besides the shadow of death that lurks in them. A theme, perhaps?

With the exception of a handful of photos, most of the women look happy to be in the company of Alcala, posing for him, often seductively. And while not every woman is attractive, enough are bangable that the stream of them eagerly acquiescing to Alcala’s charms — “You want me to go *where* with you, Rodney? Ok! Yay!” — should inflame the envy and ire of your typical niceguy beta male who’d be lucky to enjoy the intimacy of two chubby girls his entire life.

In related depressing news about the nature of the female species, a Mexican man who padlocked his younger girlfriend’s pelvis in a chastity belt avoided prosecution because the poor, abused woman just couldn’t find it in herself to send him to the clink.

To the surprise of authorities, the woman refused to press charges once the man was detained.

Not a surprise to anyone who knows women well. The lovers of sociopathic jerks may occasionally, in a histrionic fit or when their bladders are about to explode, call in for white knight assistance, but when push comes to shove the ladies are loath to permanently part with their mean men. After all, the sex is SO GOOD.

Story also says the woman has been his lover for twelve years, which would mean this man was 28 years old and she was 13 when they started dating. Ah, Mexico. May you forever stay south of the border. Or, failing that, may you move en masse into Bryan Caplan’s McMansion in Northern Virginia, and vibrantly pop his bubble.


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