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Game Is Real

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Occasional testimonials of the awesome power of game are useful for new readers. Via Vox at Alpha Game,

Small example: I recently ran into a girl I’d been very interested in a couple years back and never really gotten over, but our conversation went very differently than it would have even 6 months ago. She’d effectively friend-zoned me a long time ago (or more accurately, I’d clumsily friend-zoned myself), but at one point after I said something that surprised her, I saw unguarded respect in her eyes. That’s a feeling I’ll not soon forget, and in an instant it confirmed more of what’s been said here to me than 100 logical arguments could.

The result was that I’m no longer friend-zoned, and I’m also no longer interested.. funny how when you change from responder to initiator you start seeing people differently. Now of course an Alpha will find all that amusing and a silly thing to call a victory, but that’s fine. It’s progress. Some guys have to start bench-pressing with just the bar, but they don’t have to linger there for long.

That “unguarded respect” is what I like to call a “Surge of Tingle”. It’s that feel women get when shocked by a blast of alpha-tude from a man whom they never expected such a blast. The Surge of Tingle sends lustblood to her physical and cortical extremities, and the perceptive man will notice it most clearly in her eyes, where the dull sheen of boredom with the world’s mediocre masses of beta males is swept away by a lively, shiny, moist expressiveness roused to ocular attention by a charismatically challenging man.

Sometimes all it takes is a few words that are different than all the words you have spoken in your life to women before. A path formerly untravelled, but rich with promises of breathtaking scenery, if you will only take a step forward on it. You have a license to charm. Use it. When you do, the reality of game will materialize like an obelisk from the retreating fog, and you’ll finally have your understanding.


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