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Anonymous (probable troll, doesn’t matter) proudly declaims,

I am a psychiatrist who recently prescribed the main girl im fucking [who is a 26 yo former full time model] wellbutrin bc she was feeling depressed regarding the fact that id never marry her….but she feels like she cant leave the relationship. So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically. Its tight.

Keep it unreal, my friend.

I wonder if there are certain occupations that provide the practitioner with a skill set suited for chronic womanizing? I think psychology and psychiatry would qualify, even if half of what’s taught in psychology is bullshit, (in the arena of picking up women, that’s a feature not a bug). Or it could just be that womanizers are interested in fields like psychology, which attract a disproportionate share of them. Male-oriented occupations like IT, manufacturing, or the trades tend not to be filled with many mindfuck masters of the pussiverse. Among the men who have carved out a living in female-oriented or unisexual fields that require more verbal facility than math ability or hand-eye coordination are some of the most talented and ruthless of pussy slayers. Show me a face-time guy at a PR firm and I’ll show you a man whose biggest problem is keeping his mistresses quiet.


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