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Serial Killer Or Omega Male?

“…other worlds where your dad still sees you as his own… i dunno, not shaming myself in the basement getting drunk off tiny wines…”

As many readers know, omega males are the sexual market dregs of malehood. Unlike beta males, omegas can’t get laid with any woman. Even the land whales have to have their renaissance faire turkey leg arms twisted to consider dispensing a pity fuck to an omega male.

What you may not know is the sociological intersection between the more deranged specimen of omega male and the serial killer. It’s a short stutter from counting paper clips and sniffing a chick’s hair when she’s not looking to performing mouth love with a butchered carcass.

Strangely enough, some omega males aren’t half-bad looking and can be quite intelligent. But their social awkwardness is so acute that any compensating positive traits are rendered useless, as we can see in the above video. Serial Killer or Omega Male?Serial killerOmega maleThat rare breed: The serial killer that chicks don’t digVoteView ResultsPolldaddy.com

Chick needs to do something with her hair. Looks like a mangy red fox fainted on her head.

CH would like to thank the faggot striver boars at MPC for this find.


Evidence has surfaced that this could be staged. If so, it at least serves as a well-acted study of real omega male behavior. Though perhaps the giveaway here is the scripted nature of his soliloquies. A real omega would be hard-pressed to string together a single sentence in the company of a semi-attractive girl without losing his lunch or pausing to pick his nose and eat it.


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