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Visual proof of the damaging toll that fatness extracts from a woman’s sexual market value, and of the major increase in SMV that accrues when the excess fat is shed, is in this series of photographs of a single girl taken at regular intervals as she lost weight and went from a hippo to a totally bangable hot babe.

At 197 pounds, this girl was a hard 3 on the 1 to 10 looks scale. A hard 3 means that she would have had trouble getting love from a dweeby loser beyond a shameful one-night drunken rutting.

At 124 pounds, this girl is a solid 7.5, perhaps pushing into 8 territory. Let’s call her an 8 and unsplit the difference. Perfect curvy body (“feminine curvy”, not “feminist curvy“), youthfully peaking nubility, shock of fire engine red hair, exquisitely smooth milky white skin. You wonder if your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you and this is a different woman from the one at 197 pounds. But your boner doesn’t wonder which of these women it wants to nestle within. At SMV 8, this girl will have no trouble getting a high value man to commit to her for the long-term, and even to marry her.

From a 3 to an 8. Five whole SMV points — that’s a lot — at the low low price of losing 73 pounds.

This is the rough male equivalent of an average Joe going from a suburban shut-in to a semi-famous B-list actor. Or of a run-of-the-mill beta male mastering core game techniques, putting on ten pounds of muscle, dressing more stylishly, and behaving with unshakable overconfidence.

Love is pressing a biomechanical lever. You press the right levers, in the right order, and you can make the opposite sex fall in love with you. No magic required.


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