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The Myth Of Effortful Game

Zombie Shane demurs,

Honestly, I don’t know that these “mindgame” chicks are worth the effort.

Unless maybe you’ve gone full-blown nihilist and you’re determined to tap EVERY SINGLE god-damned piece of ass which crosses your path – bar none.

But, again, in all honestly, I can think of a bazillion things I’d rather do than waste any calories pursuing a “mindgame” chick.

Life is just too damned short.

…to blow prospects because of bad game.

Chicks play mind games. This is what they do. It’s a part… of their bioengineered faaaantasy. Women employ these mind games to sort worthy alphas from feeble betas. They can’t help it any more than you can help staring at a firm ass and pert tits. So your choices are either get with the cosmic program and learn how to make reality work for you instead of against you, or drop out and become a sourpuss.

The very crux of your complaint is wrong. There really isn’t any effort expended in picking up chicks once you get the hang of it. It’s pretty much all upside to watch a girl’s face brighten with newfound desire because you successfully pulled her limbic strings. How long until you’ve got a smooth seducer’s rhythm going? Figure anywhere from three months to two years, depending on your innate suite of attractiveness traits.

The reason game sounds like a lot of effort has to do with the nature of describing subtle human interactions in print form. In the real world, these moves occur in millisecond bursts, and hardly take any energy at all. When you have internalized how to behave and speak with women, you spend no more energy seducing them than you would brushing your teeth. And it feels like even less energy expended, because you’re having fun.

But the human mind is complex and explaining its psychology and its interplay with other human minds in ways that can be easily digested by a lot of readers necessarily requires effort, which makes the act being described seem like effort. The typical 500-word post on this or that game technique distills to a few seconds worth of action in the field.

If you really want to contrast energy expenditures between different styles of courtship, you’ll find that game-adherents come out far ahead in the metabolic savings sweepstakes. For example, compare the familiar and oft-touted (by know-nothings) traditional beta male with the oft-ridiculed game-utilizing ladykiller.

Beta male:
Mentally struggles to approach one girl, Spends five hours talking to her before summoning courage to ask her out. Becomes exhausted trying not to say stupid shit, and trying to memorize every word girl says. Goes on seven dates and spends hundreds on drinks and meals and travel before getting her to his bedroom. Gets a make-out and goes on five more dates before getting a handjob. Sex comes three months in, but only after intimations of marriage worthiness.

Approaches are mentally simple because he does them all the time. Spends twenty minutes to one hour talking with a girl before getting a make-out. Speaks one third as much as the girl speaks. Goes on two dates and spends $20 on drinks. Picks her up for third date, has sex with her instead, then goes on date. Three months of orifice clobbering and he still hasn’t agreed to exclusivity. Marriage is but a distant abstraction.

Moral of the post: If game feels like “wasting calories” to you, then perhaps you’re in the wrong line of work.


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