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Babe Freeze

There will come moments when you won’t be the reincarnation of Casanova. A hot babe will unexpectedly address you, and you won’t have anything scintillating to say in reply. Hey man, it happens. There have been at least three seconds in my life when I wasn’t at the top of my game. I weep with shame.

May yer ever-humble host make a most humble suggestion should a bout of “babe freeze” lock your brain and jaw?: Instead of conspicuously struggling to summon a try-hard witty response, remain silent and expressionless, perhaps livened with a reciprocal nod. In the event of a brain misfire, no reply is better than a spastic, dorky, strained, or unfunny reply that lands with a thud and extinguishes all vagina tingles in a ten block radius.

Naturally, a witty, funny, or darkly triadic reply is best, but if you don’t have one at the ready should a lovely lady rock your steady, it’s better to shut yo mouf and avoid leaving any impression that you REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL and want to win her approval and her giggles and her reoriented open body language. Or: Better to be silent and thought a beta male, than to speak spergily and remove all doubt.

Strategic silence is a form of game as much as any loquacious routine. Counterintuitively, it’s also harder to pull off than the tongue-toiling tingle teasers, because every irrepressible instinct in a man is to say something, ANYTHING, when a cute chick talks to him. And this instinct gets a lot of men in trouble, because it won’t be every time he’ll have a suave segue that stimulates snapper. When his game abandons him, that instinct to jabber can lead to stammering rather than seductive sorcery.

Strategic silence is ineffably alpha, and women know this, which is why when you deny your beta male instincts and choose instead the path of muffled mystery, your aura grows three sizes until it has shouted erection at the heart of the world. To refuse a woman a clean response beyond a nod when she has spoken to you? Outrageous! Why, you must be an alpha male. How intriguing. Perhaps if I talk to him again, he’ll acknowledge my womanly awesomeness…

Like other overpowered elements of game, strategic silence is meant to be employed sparingly. Although tales of mute maestros mesmerizing girls with nothing but the liquid rhythm of their physicality prick the public ear, I have rarely witnessed a man woo a woman solely with the sounds of silence. Economy of speech: good. Tapping out your game in morse code or eye flutters: bad. Save that stoic repose for those times when you really need it, like when a girl catches you off-guard with your thoughts drifting to nature shows about long-lived fungal colonies.


In related news, introverts who act extroverted can make themselves feel happier. CH gets a lot of mail from self-professed introverts who say that game is tough for them because they don’t energize like extroverts do by socializing with lots of people. Their gripe is not without merit, but now they should be heartened by this latest research that if they simply push through their self-doubts and make active efforts to engage women, their happiness levels will rise. So far from being a necessary punishment, socializing can actually lift the moods of you introverts. And there’s no better foundation for a proper seduction than a good mood.


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