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A reader observes a late-breaking development:

One of the most encouraging things about the whole Richwine and Derbyshire brouhahas is an increased unwillingness to apologize for holding heretical opinions.

A lot of this is just . . . expectations.  This is where the left has overplayed its hand.  People adjust. The threat of losing your cushy high end think tank or teaching job only has power when you expect to keep that high end job.  But people with heretical opinions now expect to lose their jobs.  It’s not something shocking and new anymore, so it’s lost a considerable amount of its power.

Game can play into this too.  Basically, leftists can take away your job, but they can’t take away your ability to get laid.  PC shibboleths don’t cut it down at the bar, or in the bedroom.  Women will basically slit their own throats for a chance at high end cock, so if you don’t make it too glaringly obvious that you’ve been exiled from the precincts of good society even SWPL chicks will all too willingly gobble away at your veiny meat monster.

Richwine didn’t apologize for his crimethink. Derb never apologized for his (and in fact, took great offense when a leftoid with cratering ego issues implied he had apologized).

Are neoreactionaries (or neoreactionaries in practice) growing a pair? If so, that’s some hope and change one could support. The bursting of the Dam of Deceit may occur sooner than we think.

The West will be saved only by men with fully descended testicles unafraid to speak the truth when speaking it is anathema to the swarming armies of the self-annihilators. Crush the manboobs, see their pendulous titties swing before you, and hear the lamentations of their haggard feminists. You might be surprised how refusing to appease the loser misfits and snarky nancyboys of the world is compulsively attractive to even the most reflexively left-liberal women. Chicks dig a dude going rogue.


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