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The Feminist Utopia Defined

A feminist utopia is a million beta males under the heel of an alpha male state, toiling for the pleasure of fat women.

You scoff, “Surely you exaggerate, CH!”

GLPiggy has a post about men paying through the nose for Obamacare, while women enjoy luxurious savings.

A simple resource theft and redistribution from men to women. A theft, because the women exchange no sex for the reward of the men’s resources, which is the natural system of male-female barter that feminists and equalists wish to subvert and reconstitute for the benefit of women alone.


Look around you, what do you see? Obese women everywhere. Fat acceptance. Beta males assembly lined through the family court soul chipper while alpha male thugs sire and skedaddle. Feminist quackery infecting every organ of propaganda, learning, and bureaucracy. Agitation for increased wealth transfer from men to women. Rationalization of the gravest female sins, censure of the most insignificant male peccadilloes. Glorification of unfettered female sexuality, disparagement of the faintest show of male sexuality.

This is the world you’re inheriting. A world where all civilizing constraints on female sexuality are released, all restrictions that can be imposed on male sexuality are realized, all monies that can be inventoried and transferred from men to single moms are confiscated.

A world inching closer, day by day, to a feminist utopia.


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