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We have a guest posting today from a reader who passes along a story from his life which illustrates in vivid hues how the Western woman has become severed from the reality of the world and now chooses to live in escapist fantasy. This is an anecdote; there are many more stories like it. Reach a critical mass (heh) of these tragicomedies of the self-swindled and you can kiss America goodbye as a civilizational rampart.


I hope this email finds you in good heath. As the title suggests I am writing to you as I wish to bear personal witness to the self-destruction of the Western woman. Names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty. Of course you may use my email for your site, but do avoid using my real name. Instead call me… Cornelius… because it in no way resembles my actual name.

A little over ten years ago I met a girl through a friend of a friend. Her name was Francesca. No, this is not a tale of beta woe. Nothing romantic has ever happened between us and there has never been any attraction. Francesca was, even back then, a bit on the chunky side. I didn’t think much of her at first but as I got to know her better I realized we had some things in common and became friends with her. We kept in semi-consistent contact over the years, which has led to the situation today where she is temporarily staying with me while she is looking for a job. The circumstances leading up to this is the (self-destructively) interesting part.

Francesca was a good student in high school and was given a free ride to State-U where she majored in engineering (the same as what I majored in, which is one of the things our friendship was created over). Four years later she graduates and lands a job at well known firm bringing in about $50,000 a year. At this point she is 22 years old. Fast forward to when she turns 25 and we meet one day for lunch and a friendly catch up. She is very bored with her job and feels like she is doing nothing with her life (to be fair to her, I’ve done similar work as she was doing at the well-known-firm and it is very boring) so she has decided to give it all up and go back to college… for a degree in Art. I’m a little vague on the specifics of the degree, but the major she choose has something to do with drawing cartoons. Seems like a bit of an odd choice to me, but meh whatever it’s not my life. This is also where she mentions that she’ll have to take out student loans this time, but is confident everything will turn out ok. Now this did raise a bit of an alarm bell for me because she had been working the past three (or was it four? I’m a little vague on the exact timing) years bringing in $50k while living rent free in her parents home. Didn’t she have any money she could put forward to college? It’s not like she was a big “vacations and shopping sprees” girl. She was an engineer, and had the personality of one to match.

After she was in Art School for a while I ended up moving to a different part of the country for my job. Let’s fast forward again to today. It has been over a year since she graduated from Art School with her degree in… drawing cartoons… or something… and she still has no Art job. We had stayed in touch while she had been in college for a second time and it turns out that there are more art studios where I live than where she has been living, so I agree to host her for a time, while she tries to get on her feet and get an Art job.

Here’s where things take their bizarre (and self-destructive) turns. I haven’t seen chunky Francesca in person in about three years, but when she arrives she has turned into blimped-out Francesca. This was a bit of a startling change to me.  When I say blimped-out I want you to understand what I am getting at. Imagine a baby with all its chub and creases. Now imagine a fully grown adult version of all that chub and creases and you’ll get an idea of what Francesca now looks like.

It also turns out that she’s had a falling out with two of her hot friends. By “hot” I mean one of these girls has literally done modeling and the other could if she wanted to. When I asked her about her hot friends she was openly bitter about them, vague as to the cause of the falling out and made the comment that their looks “were the only thing they had going for them”. Well when a girl is model-hot that’s pretty much all she needs. Also, her hot-friends had a free ride to State-U so they couldn’t have been all that stupid. It’s interesting how since Francesca has blimped-out that she now makes regularly derogatory comments about attractive women. Except that it’s not interesting so much as a neon flashing sign of bitterness of Francesca’s own loveless state. In all the years I knew Francesca she had only one boyfriend she was lukewarm to. Perhaps she should have reconsidered while she was still only chunky.

While hanging out together a few times at some local spots she repeatedly mentions how she wishes it were obvious to other people that her and I were not there “together” because she found several of the men rather attractive. She was literally purring at one of them. I told her she should feel free to do whatever she likes in regards to these men, but on the inside I was thinking “madam, your shape is round and not even vaguely woman-like, none of these men would want you regardless of how much alcohol they had”.

Also, she seems to have formed a pathological attraction to my dog. Francesca will follow my poor black lab around the house trying to treat it like human child. He’ll only put up with so much of that before he will actually find places to hide (I never knew he could fit behind the sofa… I guess he never had the proper motivation before). This from a a woman who has adamantly and always held that she was never going to have children.

After she was here for about two weeks, we decide to visit some local attractions. While seeing the sights we stop at a local Starbucks for some caffeine and a seat. While there we engage in an interesting discussion about her student loans. Right now she is in loan deferment, but that time is soon coming to a close. To my shock it turns out that she took out $175,000 in student loans for her Art degree in drawing cartoons… at a 15% interest rate… and they expect her to pay it back in 10 years, which means she will be paying back about $338,000. (O_o) My calculator tells me that this is about $2800 per month just to cover her student loans. In case you’re wondering: no, her field of Art does not pay the kind of starting salary to cover that. Her attitude is that the companies that gave her these loans need to be reasonable and work with her. If she gets to the point where she can’t pay and they ruin her credit her attitude is “oh well, what can they really do to me?” (o_O) She also said that if she knew she would be graduating into this kind of economy that she never would have done it. Which makes me wonder exactly what kind of economy we would have to have where $2,800 / month in student loans for a degree in cartoon drawing would make sense.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were in her position I’d be in crisis mode about now. Next Friday she will have been here for a month and as far as I can tell she spends most of her time in her room browsing the web or watching Mad Men. I did let her know at the start that after a “month or two” she would have to start paying rent if she wished to continue to stay here. As far as I know she has made no attempt to find even a part-time job.

What has happened to the West? There are days I seriously wonder if I am not surrounded by a large amount of people who have basically become un-moored from reality. And what happened to my friend? Francesca goes from pudgy nerdy engineering chick to blimped-out, money vacuuming, introverted, child-shaped-emotional-holing, rage against the pretty hate machine.

May the Gods of the Dark Enlightenment guard your safety,



Greg Cochran says that the trends currently underway in the West are unsustainable. America as an advanced technological and moral civilization is doomed, absent some sort of active intervention to thwart the collapse, whether that collapse takes the form of a sudden conflagration or a slow deterioration. But of course any such intervention would first require the ruling class accept the facts of the dysgenic trends, and stop their wallowing in pretty lies and leapfrogging for status whoring points. I have my doubts the facts will ever be honestly admitted by the lords of lies, so doom it is, and doom we shall get, unless by some cultural alchemical miracle the equalists, leftoids and feminists do a private about-face and essentially craft public policies refuting everything they believe in for the greater good of the nation and her posterity.

It is to HA.

The human ego is much too intransigent for that kind of common sense. Most likely scenario: bitterly clinging to shibboleths until the last iPad flickers out.

Next likely scenario: secession. Or, if the portals of hell open, bloodbath.

In the meantime, we shrug and tappity-tap pleading betaboy texts in our cells as another Western woman sacrifices her inherited bounty and blessed fortune at the altar of fudge brownies, caustic gogrrl-itude, useless art degrees, mountainous college debt, infertility, anthropomorphized animals, racial dispossession, cock carouseling, and the distractions of a sick and twisted entertainment culture intent on assuring her complicity in the humiliation of her heritage and of her men.

Well, not everyone. Your ever-gracious host shrugs, but only after he has cruelly driven The Shiv to the hilt, and tickled vital organs with its glittering tip. The writhing torment of enemies and fools brings voyeuristic pleasure, and great satisfaction knowing that it can never be said of The Shiv Wielder that he saw the face of a malignant foe cresting the hill… but did nothing.


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