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Feminists and their obese manpug lapdogs are fond of sniggering at old men with erectile dysfunction, but they would not be so sneering if they understood that at least half of ED cases are actually caused by a lack of sufficiently attractive women to inspire rock hardiness, rather than by an inherent physiological condition brought on by aging.

A CH reader with a blog writes,

A recent study examined the sex lives of men and women in the Czech Republic aged 35-65. The individuals provided their age, waist size, and their partner’s age. Amongst other things, they answered the widely used 5-item International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5).

Under a multiple regression model, 24% of erectile function could be accounted for by the man’s age, 16% by his partner’s age, and 10% by the partner’s waist size (the effect of the man’s waist size was not statistically significant). In other words, the woman’s age and waist size were as important as the man’s age in determining erectile function.

It would be out of character for the vainglorious viscounts of CH to neglect to mention that the Chateau was on top of this study first, correctly noting that HOTTER WOMEN = BETTER SEX for men. And, going back further in time, before science even stepped in to offer its seal of validation, the Chateau exposed this real-world phenomenon using nothing but the powers of open-eyed observation.

Executive summary: It’s not erectile dysfunction, it’s erectile discrimination. Men’s penii are discriminating — with their discriminatory powers becoming more finely-tuned as the incoherent compulsion of teenage horniness subsides — and will more quickly rise to the occasion when a physically attractive, young woman with a high Residual Reproductive Value is the object of love.

So, dear cackling femcunts, supplicating manboobs and dumpy doughgrrls casting about for explanations, true or not, that will most spare your fragile egos…

It’s not a man’s flagging boner that’s the problem; it’s your flagging bodies.

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