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Vignettes Of Game

Vignettes of Game is a new series featuring brief real-life episodes of what most skilled allurement artisans would consider tight game. This is not an alpha male assessment series; it is instead a snapshot in time and space of game being flawlessly executed. The purpose is to educate readers about the power of game using practical examples rather than abstruse theory as a guide.

Our first vignette of game comes from reader “M.L.”:

Small anecdote – inane game vindicated.

walking with girl #1 into our building (we work together). it’s a cold morning. as we walk in she remarks “i don’t know how you don’t freeze in the winter, the tips of my ears are frozen and your hair is so short.”

response: “i knew you’re self-absorbed, but it’s unnecessary to demean my ears for attention”

her : (laughs) “i think you’ve got incredible ears…(eyes light up)…no part of you isn’t incredible”

response: (laughs) (shoves her away from the door as we approach.)

her: (laughs) (grabs me and jumps up to kiss me) “i’ll see you later?”

response: smirk and walk away.

texts come in an hour later…etc. any feedback appreciated, but i thought this was properly executed.

Start with a tease (unpredictability), follow with a playful physicality (kino), end with a deft handling of beta bait (signal of non-neediness). This game is solid, tight, unimpeachable. Would pick-up again.


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