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There’s no question modern American women are experiencing a mass delusion of unwarranted high self-esteem, attention whoring syndrome, and entitlement. The relevance for the inveterate player who must wade through this American Woman… Fuck Yeah! muck is, “How do I handle the entitlement complexes of girls gone egotastically wild?”.

Glad you asked! For most of you, the first signs that you are dealing with an entitlement whore will be the text-based shit test, aka the “shit text”. Why will this be the first sign? Because a lot of girls who cannot adequately project their fantastic degree of entitlement under pressure in face-to-face interaction will find the nerve and the creative juice to stroke their egos later in the carefully crafted follow-up text.

A perfect example of this is explained below, in an RSD video featuring a PUA named Todd. Normally, these CH posts that reference various industry leaders in pick-up cause the comments section to erupt in nerdy internecine player war, which drives away better commenters. Therefore, it would do all of us a world of good if everyone so disposed would kindly refrain from polluting the comments with the drama of family squabbles. Leave that sort of stuff for the ladies.

Watch the first video here. It’s good. (The second video dealing with the mentality of abundance is worthwhile as well.)

If you get a shit text, you’re on the right track. As Todd correctly notes, any response is a positive indication of interest. (“Fuck off” might be an exception to this rule.)

At 4:09, you will hear what is probably the most well-known (and well-hated) entitlement whore shit text.

“Can you keep me from getting bored?”

Now before you listen to the video any further, try to figure out how you would reply if you received the above shit text from a girl. Take a few minutes if need be.

Got something in mind? Ok, now let’s hear how Todd replied.


He waits a little while, then:

“Actually, yes I can. But if you can’t keep yourself entertained we’re not going to get along anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Personally, I would have stopped at “No.”, but the extended version is just as good. You’ll note in Todd’s second reply that he has essentially disqualified the girl as a potential date if she doesn’t step up and improve her attitude. The lesson here should be obvious: Don’t dance to an entitlement whore’s tune. Throw it back in her face. Demand that she entertain you. Deny her the satisfaction of your approval seeking behavior. Remind her in not so subtle terms that the question isn’t how much value you add to her life, but how much value she adds to yours.

In short, challenge her. Chicks dig men who make them work for the wang.

The CH archives are filled with excellent examples of alpha male text game, so peruse at your leisure. More good replies to the above shit text would be:

– “Sure! How does juggling chainsaws and reciting Shakespeare from memory sound? Will that do the trick?” [Agree and amplify]

(And then when she responds to that, you say, “Wow just wow, you’re easily amused.”)

“Just how empty is your life?” [Direct challenge]

“No problem. I’ve got a few pop-up children’s books in the attic.” [Funny insult. Will work better on harsh tankgrrls.]

“I can do magic tricks. I’ll make your ego disappear.”

“that’s what netflix is for.”

“does this work on most men?”

And the infamously unpunctuated fan favorite,

– “gay”

The important point is not the exact wording of your reply. It’s the attitude that is epitomized by the reply. Any of those replies above work, because they are infused with the proper aloof and carefree alpha male attitude.

You want to know what replies without the alpha attitude look like?

“I’ll try.”

“Well, there’s this really cool gallery I can take you to.”

“Give me a chance and get to know me. I think you’ll be impressed.”

“We have to go on a date first and find out.”

“I love you!”

How do you imagine a hot chick who thinks the solar system is vagiocentric will respond to replies like that? That’s right… radio silence. Tingle Flux Capacitor: Deactivated.

As Todd stated, you pass the shit test first, and then you can proceed to moving the girl toward a date. Your frame of mind should be, “What a dork she is”, not “How do I answer the right way so that we can meet up asap and I can get laid?” In other words, like an alpha male, you LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

The video is worth watching in full. Todd hits on the four archetypical text responses you will get from a girl:

1. The shit text

Handling discussed above.

2. The logical question

This is the normal, shy girl reponse. She likes you, but isn’t witty or conceited enough to pull off the shit text. Key here is to avoid entrapment in a logic loop. The conversation will quickly go dry if you take her logical questions seriously. Answer playfully, and quickly guide the conversation to more fruitful topics. You have to show a little personality here, because she won’t do it for you.

3. The overt compliment

AKA beta bait. Whatever you do, don’t chomp down! You will have smoked yourself out as a desperate, undersexed beta eager to lap up her flattery and promises of sexytime. Avoid getting caught up in a volley of innuendo and double entendres. Just calmly offer a place and time to meet. Save the routine-breaking sexy texts for girls you are already fucking.

4. Silence

The worst response. She either doesn’t remember you or isn’t interested. Possibly, though, she just isn’t interested enough. Better still, she might be dating around so much that she lost track of you. Todd recommends sending “value offering” messages, and to keep them “fun and flippant”. Since you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, it makes sense to offer some value — an expectation of good times, excitement injected into to her dull life — to a girl who’s investment in you is near zero. In a way, this is a form of “chick bait”. If you seem like a fun guy different from all the rest, it’s the rare girl who can resist your lure. This is because most girls are not interesting in themselves, and require the company of interesting men to spice up their lives with newness and novelty.


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