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Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible indicator of American cultural decline, along comes the news that not only are we getting fatter, but, incredulously, many fat asses are A-Ok with it. A recent study purports to show that…

A substantial proportion of obese people don’t think they’re too fat, new research shows.

Among more than 2,000 obese Dallas County residents surveyed in 2000-2002, 14 percent of African Americans and 11 percent of Hispanics — but just 2 percent of whites — believed that they [did not need] to lose weight, Dr. Tiffany M. Powell of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and her colleagues found.

Prior studies have shown even bigger (heh) numbers of fat people who don’t see they have a problem.

…overweight individuals today are less likely to classify themselves as “overweight” in contrast to overweight individuals surveyed over a decade ago. For example, the proportion of overweight women who perceive their weight to be “about right” increased from 14% to 21%, and that among overweight men from 41 to 46%.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. It’s also a moist stomach fold for growing a cheesy poof farm. Scientists call this problem “body size misperception”, aka “fat and proud”, “BBW”, “I’m not a Barbie”, “anorexia is the leading cause of death in America, yes it is”, “I get plenty of hot men chasing after my pleasingly plump curves”, “guys like a bit of meat on their women”, “Marilyn Monroe was a size 18″, and the crowd favorite “look at my huge tits!”.

You could see this change in attitude coming a mile away (literally). When you are fat and everyone around you is fat and getting fatter, you start to feel like less of a fat freak. You conform to the new norm. The pressure to lose weight is off when everyone else looks as disgusting as you do. With 75% of Americans now classified as overweight, obese or morbidly obese, that means you’d be hard-pressed to go a day without seeing a horde of fatties to affirm your self-esteem. The country has turned into a giant fat pride parade.

Even worse, there seem to be plenty of loser omega men willing to dump a fuck in the distended porcine holes of these beached whales. A six-second, half-erect rutting punctuated with a wet fart is enough lovin’ to kill the last ounce of incentive from a fat chick to lose weight. Naturally, these beef blimps getting unceremoniously pumped and dumped will be treated like shit by their “lovers”, but since fat chicks have bargain basement standards they won’t be able to tell the difference between being used as a convenient port of ejaculation and being lusted after by a man with options.

Not to mention all these fat chicks skew the mating market in favor of the few hot slender babes left in existence.

Additionally, independent of the effect of time, this study confirmed a number of factors influencing one’s ability to accurately gauge their own weight status: those who are educated are more likely to self-classify as overweight than those who are not, those with higher incomes are more likely to feel overweight than those with the lowest incomes, married people are more likely to feel overweight than never-married people, and members of minority groups are less likely than whites to consider themselves overweight.

There really is an underclass of less worthy people and an overclass of worthier people, just as there are shitty cultures and good cultures instead of a yippy skippy happy joy joy rainbow of multicultural relativity. Get used to it. No point railing against the brutal truth of this reality. Oh, and marriage does a body bad. Yet one more reason… as if it was needed… to avoid marriage in favor of cohabitation or LTRs.

I’m not surprised fat blacks and latinos have bigger inflated egos. I’ve been to the DMV. The image of a grotesquely fat black woman with a planet-sized ass strutting like a peacock in front of the boyz comes to mind. I’d like to say there was some disconnect with reality there, but maybe the black dudes love that extra wide. For all the talk about discrimination causing low self-esteem among minorities*, they think pretty highly of themselves.

(*Soon to be majorities. What’ll be their excuse then?)

Prediction: If fat black women lost weight, you’d see a lot more white men dating them.

People who misperceived their body size were happier with their health, and felt healthier, than those who did recognize their obesity […]

“Fat and happy” isn’t just a saying. If self-delusion serves some fitness enhancing evolutionary purpose, it’s hard to see what it is.

The study “points to really a lack of understanding about the effects of obesity,” Powell told Reuters Health. At the same time, she added, “you walk a fine line, because you don’t want people to necessarily have an unhealthy body image, but you also want people to understand that they need to lose weight.”

A big change in cultures that are beginning their decline is the abandonment of shame as a tactic to enforce norms. This woman has it completely wrong; you *want* people with unhealthy bodies to have an unhealthy body image. Shame the shit out of those shambling mounds! My god below, if this blog will be remembered for anything, it’ll be for its outstanding dedication to the art of shaming the losers and degenerates of society into improving themselves, cowering in humbleness, or slicing long and deep. I want the fatties, fembots, freaks, fuglies, spinsters, single moms and geldings to walk away from reading here with their egos so thoroughly crushed they never again for a moment entertain the thought they might be a valued member of society or an attractive love interest for a winner with options. In that gung-ho spirit, I shall commence the shaming forthwith (in order of viciousness)…

“Have you tried the new garden salad in the cafeteria? Oh, you should.”

“How’s the pregnancy coming along?”

“This is the elevator. I think you’re looking for the cargo lift.”

“I love that pup tent you’re wearing.”

“Your ass looks like two manatees fornicating.”

“If they hung a picture of you on the wall, it would fall off!”

“You are a disgusting, repulsive sack of steaming shit, a festering carbuncle on the ass of society, the crusty sperm-speckled wall of a bus depot bathroom, the filthy deposit of brown smegma that forms on toilet bowl rims, a wobbling circus sideshow freak of gargantuan enormousness. You have been known to roll over and accidentally crush baby walruses. Little children run from you. Tokyojesusfist laughs at you. Your mother pities you. I wouldn’t fuck you with the elephant man’s dick, assuming he could get it up for such a loathsome creature as yourself. You look like the missing link between a brontosaurus and a gelatinous cube, except fatter. When you die, you will be hoisted out by the roof of your house on a crane, and buried in a piano case. Your decomposing mountain of flesh will fertilize the largest old growth forest in the Americas.”

“Goddamn you are one big fat fucking fatty fat fat!”

As long as there are gross-looking people in the world, particularly those of the self-inflicted grossness type who proudly flaunt their grossness, I’ll be there, proud and firm, standing tall for truth, justice, and the Hedonist Way. And my word tea of fury shall smite them, and there will be beauty and busted egos in the land once again. Piece be with you.

Based on the findings, Powell said, physicians may want to take a step back before discussing lifestyle habits with their obese patients, and asking them first about how they perceive their weight and whether or not they think they need to lose weight.

The problem doctors have with fatties is a disincentive to tell the stark truth when telling it could mean the fattie will simply take his or her fat business elsewhere. If a fattie thinks she’s all that and a cup of joe, she’s not going to accept hearing a doctor chide her to lose weight or endure the health and dating consequences. Fatties don’t suffer truth-tellers gladly. So doctors tend to ease up on the shame and collect the big bucks when the fattie has to come in for a triple bypass diagnosis. This is why “the communitaaaaaahhh” has to step up and assume the role of the shamer… except that the communitaaaaaahhh is itself a rolling wave of fat undulations.

So there is no answer to America’s fat plague. Maybe let them eat themselves to an early death, and get on with rebuilding the country under a smaller population of healthy, attractive übermensch. Perhaps the Paleo diet will save us from a bloated end, but then the enviros would have a hissy fit about all that meat-eating warming the climate. No matter how you slice it, you can’t win…

unless you consider a substantial reduction in world population a beneficial goal.


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