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An anonymous source emailed the following to Chateau headquarters:

As someone who knows Seavey and Rittelmeyer, I’d like to point out that she deserves it. She is crazy. Seavey is usually not so crazy, but he is showing some restraint. Right after he broke up with her, I overheard him discuss how sociopathic she was: “It’s like for the last two years I’ve been fucking a lizard.”

A choice quote from Helen. “I’m not sure why people have… friends. Books are more efficient.”

The panel was convened to discuss a book, and Helen’s essay in the book is fantastic. It’s about dissolute Yale conservatives. Here’s an excerpt: http://www.studentfreepress.net/archives/4049

After second viewing of the video, I think Seavey got in a couple of biting jabs at Sluttelmeyer. So it wasn’t a total lost cause, though it was a suicide mission under the circumstances. Jabs aside, Seavey comes across on the whole like a spurned beta, not a cool and calm devil-may-care alpha. He clearly still wants to pork her; the raging unfulfilled lust is strong in him. Of course, this is nothing unusual for dumpees. Alphas occasionally get dumped to, but it’s in how they handle it that separates them from the average pining man. (By “handle it”, I mean they will casually turn to girl #2 in their harem to soothe the pain.) By the way, from what I read of Seavey’s cached blog posts, she dumped him three days before the C-SPAN event.

In the previous post, I wasn’t concerned with the veracity of Seavey’s accusations or the dynamics of his relationship with Sluttelmeyer. That wasn’t the point of it. It was to show how people react differently to men and women misbehaving in essentially identical manners, based on deep-seated evolutionary impulses. Bitter beta males are simply not cut as much slack as bitter beta females would be cut.

But since the details of Seavey’s and Mini-Rand’s relationship or lack thereof seem to fascinate people, I will offer some advice to Seavey on how he should handle similar situations should they arise in the future.

First, Seavey, let me be frank: You have no game. Zero. Nada. I can tell. Your gamelessness oozes from every pore. I doubt you have ever had a normal, socially savvy, non-nerd friend in your life who was good with women who could have mentored you. Read this blog and other similar sites and begin your journey of discovery. Then you can stop dating down to pretentiously eccentric, credentialist suckup, robotic, afeminine 3s and 4s. “Yale… the school I went to”. LOL.

Second, when you have an “on again, off again relationship” with a chick for two years, your working assumption should be that she is fucking around. In fact, that should be your working assumption for *all* women until proven otherwise. Girls must earn your respect. “On again, off again” is not the way to earn that respect. But it is a good way to earn a tier three slot in your stable of regulars.

Third, why would you date a “sociopathic lizard” for two years? It’s a telling sign of a lack of options that you chose the indignity of sticking it in her reptilian hole as she led you around by the nose, instead of dumping her scaly ass as soon as you got the chance for a better woman. Face it, she fucked with your head, and you fell for her hard. What you should have been doing is treating her like the occasional fuckbuddy she in reality was to you, while concurrently dating other women. That would have given you the proper perspective and attitude. Had you done that, you would have seen her magically begin to behave more ladylike and work for your attention. That is the power of aloof asshole alpha game.

Fourth, when she dumped you three days before that panel discussion, you should have been EXPECTING IT. Hell, she was already done with you two years ago, but you couldn’t see it because you were blinded by the pussy. Had you followed points 1 – 3 above, you wouldn’t have even been in the position to be dumped just prior to an awkwardly planned C-SPAN event. When she approached you to tell you that she was dumping you, you should have shrugged your shoulders and said “I didn’t know we were together.” That’s how you steal victory from a slut. And it would have been true. Then you could have invited your new girl to sit in the audience and watch you, while enjoying the jealousy it would surely have provoked in Mini-Rand.

Fifth, don’t expect to win allies by disgracing a girl in a public venue — out of context — with tales of your personal history with her. The world doesn’t work that way. People’s sympathies will always lie with the woman, particularly if the man attacking her is charmless or otherwise inept at working a crowd, and the woman in question is of fertile age. You had no hope to come out on top by commandeering a political panel discussion to zing an ex about her slutty misanthropic ways, even if said ways were at odds with her self-proclaimed ideology and religious mores. Your time to stick the shiv in was long before that panel discussion. Long before she formally dumped you, actually. Perhaps an offhand sly reference to her sordid sexual or friendship history, slipped innocuously into the conversation so that few would know what you were alluding to, would have sufficed to earn you gotcha points with the insiders who were watching you and her at that event, without ostracizing you from the rest of the crowd… and, now, from the internet hordes. Try to put yourself in an alpha male’s shoes — a man who is fucking more than one woman at any given time and who has no trouble getting new women when he wants — and imagine what he would have done in that situation. I guarantee he would not have done what you did, the way you did it. I doubt he would even give the reptile a second thought.

Commenter Thunear is right. The world’s biggest, raunchiest, most unethical sluts are libertarian chicks. They will jump on just about any cock that is half-way alpha. The libertard girl craves the mightily aloof cock like no other woman. She wilts for such a man to brusquely dismiss her romantic gestures. But, alas, many of these Rand-obsessing chicks are ugly, and have to settle for riding the beta cock carousel, a kiddie ride compared to its manlier cousin. Since they are surrounded by lesser betas and omegas, they tire easily and quickly of any one cock, and move on to new cock effortlessly. As long as you understand what you’re getting into with the libertard slut, you can have fun with them. Think of the upsides: No flowers, dinners, or presents necessary. Check splitting all the time, except when she’s buying. Sexual voraciousness, S&M, bondage, public sex. Threesomes a distinct possibility. No worries about pregnancy (most of them have had their tubes tied). No pressure to propose. No girly stuff. If she looks fat, tell her! She’ll love you for it. All you have to do is humor her long-winded conversations about privatized toll roads and expect nothing in the way of fidelity, and you’ll have hand in the relationship; a fuckbuddy for as long as you like. PS: Libertarian chicks love it in the pooper.


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