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The website Feminine Beauty is where the “beauty is subjective” lie goes to get sledgehammered into gooey paste. It’s a warehouse of studies and analysis that utterly shreds the pretty lie that prettiness is in the eye of the beholder, and for doing Baal’s work, I thank them. There are only so many hours in a day to take a huge steaming dump on the platitude pushers, so assistance is always appreciated.

There’s an interesting post in their archives that examines how leg length in men and women correlates with attractiveness. Drawings of five male and female models were altered so that their legs and torsos were lengthened or shortened. The results of the study were unambiguous:

For a given height, the judges preferred longer legs in women and shorter legs in men.

For the same height, women tend to have longer legs.  Hence this study reported a preference for exaggerated sexual dimorphism.

The author of the post notes that this would explain why women wear high heels: they make women’s legs appear relatively longer. So much for the hamster reasoning of that indignant ex who once insisted, when I innocently asked why she wore make-up and heels, that she does it “for myself”. No sweet cheeks, you do it, subconsciously or knowingly, to make yourself look more appealing to men. Coincidentally, in a faraway basement hovel, a troll who believes that any effort to woo the opposite sex is a sign of low value wept into its cheeto-stained triple chin.

But the study is not without its limitations, especially regarding the effect of leg length on men’s attractiveness.

In the line drawings, the authors achieved longer legs by stretching the legs in the photo editor, making them thinner in the process, but thinner legs will count against the appeal of men.  So it is possible that a better study will show a similar find, but not that the shortest legs shown in the line drawings are optimally preferred in men.

There is probably some truth to this caveat, however the male body type women most prefer (at least when they are ovulating) — mesomorphic — tends to be more proportional between torso and leg length. Ectomorphs are the ones with really long legs.

This study corroborates real world observation and cultural allusions. Men do seem to prefer long luscious legs on women. This preference is likely — no, it most definitely is, let’s just say it outright — innate, and immune to feminist scum social intervention propaganda efforts to change it.

Does a male preference for long legs mean men like really tall women? No.

The authors cited some literature to argue that men most strongly prefer women with average height, but the correct interpretation is that over a very broad height range, men do not really care how tall a woman is.  As one approaches the extremes of height, it becomes more difficult for women to find men, and hence women closer to average height will be more successful with men than women who are much shorter or much taller, but this isn’t the same as an optimal preference for average height in women.

Where it gets confusing is reconciling the fact of male preference for long-legged women with the evidence that short women are more reproductively successful than tall women. (Keep in mind that “reproductively successful” does not necessarily mean “sexually successful” or “romantically successful” in the contraceptively-wrapped, Pill-popping secular world.) So perhaps the ideal mate for the typical man is a shorter than average woman with longer than average legs for her height. Three huzzahs for a spinner with long helicopter blades.

In a future post, we will discuss whether women with short legs prefer very masculine alpha men.


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