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North Korea

Perhaps I’m overly sensible, but why exactly does the US need to get involved defending South Korea from an attack by North Korea? Would your life appreciably change for the worse if those two duked it out on their own terms?

Last I checked, South Koreans hated America, and protests against our military presence there are a regular occurrence. It used to be the Code of the Tribe that when another tribe ostensibly under your tribe’s umbrella of protection hates the living fuck out of you and your kind, you at the least stop protecting them if no natural resource they own and which you use is in danger of mass disruption.

Given the anti-white male animus that percolates like boiling magma through every corridor of the Cathedral, it’s a wonder there are white men left willing to fight for the US of Majority-Minority. I’d call them fools if I didn’t think there’s still a chance they might see the light one day. And by “see the light”…


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