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Hey You

What are the two words that a girl will say to a man when she’s experiencing a vague craving for sex with him?

Reader Vagitarian asks for some game advice:

I need some advice from CH readers! I’ve been doing my best as the article states to become the ladies man I’ve always pictured myself being. I’m now bedding more and better quality women.

My sis has a hot-9 friend that just broke off an engagement. I’ve always had a crush on her and I know she eyes me from time to time. Especially since I rejected her approaches years ago – had a girlfriend at the time (was being beta but the rejection was so alpha). Our paths never cross, but we are both going to my sis’ wedding in the next few months. To spark things up I contacted her on FB where she likes every second post or picture I put up. I’ve never msged her or liked anything of hers… ever.

Me: Hey I didn’t know you guys have a plane? You get to fly it much?!

-Same day-


Her: Hey you! How’s it going? And yes my dad flies…blah blah …I do once a month or so. 

-3 days later-

Me: Oh cool, so you’re in real estate right? Has your dad ever let you land?!

-One week later-

Her: Yeah, blah blah.. You back in the city too? Soooo excited for your sisters wedding in a few months!!! You bringing a hot date?!


How long should I wait to reply and what should I say? Do I avoid her last question completely or should I suggest that I’m going alone with full intentions of nailing her or any other of my sister’s ridiculously hot friends?

I’m usually pretty good at the indifferent txt/fb game but I feel like I’m over thinking shit here. In the past if I made a mistake I wouldn’t give a shit but I really want to bed this one!! What do I say and how do I form it guys? Thank for the help!!

Reader Newly Aloof responds,

Her: Bringing a hot date?
You: It’s complicated.

Anytime I’ve ever had a girl respond to me with “Hey You” I knew she was dtf. Something about Hey You.

This is so true that I don’t even… I can’t even…. odds or evens. There really is something predictably revealing about “hey you” when a girl uses it. As with Newly Aloof’s observation, I’ve yet to meet a girl who dropped the “hey you” greeting on me who didn’t eventually show keen interest in becoming an intimate partner in grime. It’s especially revealing when you hear a girl say “hey you” rather than reading it in text. Typically, she will sing-song the phrase…

hey yoooooo

…like a vocal fry on steroids. And perhaps accentuate her delivery with a cute hunched shoulder, upturned head, full body mini-hop, eyes glimmering like C-beams.

It’s as if the two words “hey” and “you”, melodically concatenated for synergistic effect, are the symptomatic verbal goosebumps of the warm chill caused by her engorging labia.

Anyhow, to answer Vagitarian’s game-related question, “It’s complicated” is a fine reply. “We’ll see” and “The usual. My harem” also would work. Krauser’s suggestion — “Behave…or it’s the naughty corner for you young lady…” – is good, too, especailly as a tactic for luring the girl to parry and sustain the conversation. Don’t worry so much about how long to wait to reply. If you reply like a man with options, it won’t matter how long you wait.


Commenter Revo Luzione adds,

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. It’s code for ” Hey (I want to bang) you!” It’s funny when it comes from women from work or other people that are supposed to be “off limits.”

It’s fun knowing what women are really thinking. Every time you hear the “hey you” greeting from girls, it’s like seeing the tumbling green code in The Matrix, except it’s not green code, it’s pink pussies.


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