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Masculinized women. Feminized men. Witch hunts for white boogeymen. Enfeebling government largesse. Humiliating reeducation camps. Self-aggrandizing social media. Ruling class treason. Corn and porn. Hypocritical, status whoring SWPL leftoids robotically sermonizing about a diversity they spend vast energy fencing off from themselves.

It’s enough to make a guy want to say “Fuck it to all that.”

And some men are doing just that, before the diseased forces of modernity permanently infect their sanity. Commenter Dan at Mangan’s writes,

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a dozen years ago. It was not a misdiagnosis then. I was a mess with run ins with the police and mental institutions and a suicide attempt where my life had to be saved, while managing to graduate with honors from an Ivy league school.

Since then, I’ve had totally smooth sailing with stable marriage and four kids so far, a long tenure at a successful job, a nice house, large savings and so on, and some political activism while I tapered off medication almost completely.

Here are some lifestyle changes:
– Going from binge drinking to no drinking
– Going from massive caffeination to no caffeine.
– Going from lots of all-nighters to sleep every night
– Going from atheism to faith (if you are an atheist and not suicidal, you aren’t trying hard enough)
– Becoming conservative, not just politically but behaviorally
– Going from being the life of the party to being a bit square

When I changed, my friends said they wanted the old me back. Ha. The old me was mentally diseased and headed for a graveyard.

Mental illness likely has a genetic origin, but the particular ills of modern society — a recent innovation in human cultural ecology that is undoubtedly exerting powerful selection pressures on first world peoples that perhaps rival the great genetic selection events of the ancient past — could be exacerbating tendencies to psychological distress. Evidence is mounting all around us that Western people — whites especially, and white women the most — are unhappy, frazzled and dangerously delusional, even though they can’t quite put their fingers on the cause of their anguish and quixotic need for comforting self-flagellation.

Some turn to medication. Others, like Dan above, rearrange their lives in hopes of warding off the gray shroud of ennui. And they rearrange in a way that, intentionally or not, closely conforms to the kinds of lives that men led pre-postmodern America. They become less of what the modern society demands more of, and embrace the opposite of that which the modern society inexorably pushes one toward.

The men who turn their backs on modernity become less secular, less spastic with stimulants, less beholden to participation in the rat race, less burned out by digital addictions social or sexual, less political, less engaged in media-fed triviality, less liberal (yes), and less status-conscious. They may even become less sociable, as it seems a precondition of eschewing the trappings of modernity is a willingness to ostracize oneself from the hedonist herd.

This is not a lifestyle choice for everyone. Some of us like our freedom and sexual cornucopia, and can better manage, or compartmentalize, the peculiar stressors of secular modern society. But many people would find much comfort and peace of mind by essentially flipping the bird to the trajectory that the West is currently on. If you believe that maximizing human happiness is a noble goal, then you wouldn’t stand in their way.


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