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Beta Males Then And Now

What is the most significant way American beta males have changed since, say, 1950? Lazier? Perhaps, but productivity numbers are higher and the ethnic composition of the nation has changed. More feminine? A sociological examination of SWPL enclaves would suggest so, but at the other extreme gadabout Skittles Men reign supreme. Poorer? Relative to the income advantage betas once enjoyed over women, yes, and this has profound sexual market implications.

But critical as those possible Western beta male devolutions are, the biggest change is something out of their control: the kinds of women available to them. Your typical 1950s beta male — and remember, the beta male designation is as much a function of the hierarchical rank of the men of his time as it is a description of objective characteristics — surveyed a dating market that was filled with slender women. At that time, only 10% of women were clinically obese. Fast forward to the present and compare and contrast: 2012 beta males must navigate the WIDE SHOALS of a dating market where 40% of women are clinically obese. And it’s even worse than that; the standard measurement of obesity has been supersized to accommodate the fattening norm.

Think about how badly this destruction of nearly one half of the female population skews the sexual market: men’s tastes in women haven’t changed one iota in 60 years, but the number of available women that satisfy men’s tastes has effectively been halved. In 1950, for every man, there was close to one woman who met his minimal fuckability threshold because she kept a slender figure. In 2012, for every man, there is one HALF of a woman who meets his minimal fuckability threshold because she keeps a slender figure. Or, to put it more starkly, in 1950 there was one thin woman for every man. In 2012, there are two men fighting for the fuck rights to one thin woman.

Now not all of these 1950s women were facially attractive. Nevertheless, fatness remains the relevant variable because the bone structure of female facial attractiveness likely hasn’t changed much in such a short evolutionary time frame. No other environmental insult, besides gross facial disfigurement, damages a woman’s looks like fatness; a woman’s SMV will begin the steep nose dive in earnest once she gets to about 15 pounds or more overweight. The SIMPLEST thing a woman can do for herself to remain attractive to the maximum number of men is to avoid getting fat. That’s it. And yet, 70+% of women (if we include the merely overweight along with the obese) can’t seem to muster the willpower to do that bare minimum to appease men’s desires. Thank you, feminism.

Therein lies the biggest difference between 1950s beta males and beta males today: all else equal, the contemporary beta male has to work twice as hard to get the same woman he could have gotten in 1950. Analogously, the typical 2012 beta male, if he settles, will settle with a woman much uglier and fatter than he would have had to settle for in 1950.

This is no reflection on the beta males themselves. The same 2012 beta transported back to 1950 would be able to land himself a higher quality (read: thinner) woman then. Even an uglier, fatter, stupider, anti-social beta male of today would, if he were to magically escape to 1950, have better odds of nabbing himself a thin, desirable woman, albeit likely one who wasn’t particularly facially pretty compared to the women of her time. That is just simple sexual market arithmetic.

Many millennial beta males, faced with these miserable odds, drop out and plug into video games and porn. Others attempt a resurrection of their manlier instincts by learning game and competing for the shrinking pool of lithe beauties. Still others regress into effeminate nancyboys, suppress their true desires, and settle for some chubbed out feminist, insisting that licking the construction boots of these husky hags is exactly what they wanted all along.

If you want to know where the beta males are heading, just follow the trail of female fatness. The problem isn’t that men’s standards have gotten higher; no, the problem is that the standard woman for men has become grosser. Since the mating game is zero sum, this means more beta males lose out today than in the past, through no fault of their own.

As I’ve said before, the two most powerful drivers of the modern sexual market — female obesity and female hypergamy — remain almost completely unacknowledged by the prestige press as causes for family dissolution, men “dropping out”, marriage and divorce rates and general social dysfunction. Feminists, understandably, won’t touch these subjects with a ten foot clit, except to co-opt them in twisted, bizarro semantics that inverse their truth content.

Some women may be consciously aware of this sexual market skew that favors them, and act accordingly. But I bet for most women it doesn’t register except on a subconscious level. Regardless, the result is the same: an expectation nation of entitled fat cunts and beggarly betaboys. We have passed the event horizon where truth and beauty vow fealty to lies and ugliness.


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