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Alpha Of The Month

In the midst of the Vancouver rioting, one righteous dude figured it was a good time to make out with his girlfriend in the middle of the street.

Apparently, the girl was knocked on her ass by a cop rushing into the crowd, and this is her boyfriend consoling her in the best way he knows… by having a make-out. (There were rumors the scene was staged, but eyewitnesses have dispelled those doubts.)

Major alpha props to this guy for:

1. ignoring the threat of a stray Molotov cocktail to play some grab-ass

2. using his girlfriend’s possible injuries as an excuse to swap spit, and

3. giving the studio audience a titillating upskirt shot of her crotch. She looks like she has a sexy body, judging by that silky smooth parabola where the bottom of the ass cheek meets the hamstring.

The photographer will probably win awards for his photo, but really, the accolades should go to this stone cold seducer. Slender girlfriend? Check. Protector of loved ones? Check. Amused mastery? Check. Exploiting the knowledge that danger makes girls horny? Check.

Riot game is unstoppable. There’s no doubt this guy had the ride of his life later that night. He makes his parents proud. Her parents? Eh, not so much. “Hey, Joe, was that your hot daughter making out on Howe Street last night in front of thousands of people?”


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