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The Fine Art Of Teasing

An important facet of game — whether for relationships, flings or pickups — is fluency with the art of teasing. Teasing is such a turn-on for women it’s a wonder it isn’t taught by marriage counselors. (Actually, it’s not a wonder. As the divorce statistics show us, marriage counselors have no fucking clue what works.)

Here’s an example of what I mean by teasing:

ME: Don’t worry. If I got famous I wouldn’t drop you like a hot potato.

HER: Gee, thanks. That’s so sweet.

ME: I’d wait a couple months.

HER: Jerk! *playful punch*

You should be teasing your girlfriend or wife like this nearly every day of her life. Women LOVE LOVE LOVE men who don’t take them seriously. And what better way to convey an aloof disregard for her pride than through teasing?

I’d like to examine the phenomenon of teasing a little more closely. Why, exactly, does it so effectively light up a woman’s arousal bean? After all, teasing is not flattery or compliments. It’s nearer the opposite: teasing is a form of put-down. Compare and contrast the below with the teasing example above:

ME: If I got famous I’d trade up from you to a hotter babe in about two month’s time.

HER: Whaaat?! [angry, hurt]

This example is no different in substance than the teasing example above, yet the latter provokes anger and withdrawal while the former provokes tingles. The key difference between the two interactions lies in the concept of butthurtness.

butthurtness; noun
an emotional state of being characterized by spite, bitterness and/or insecurity; highly toxic to female attraction.

Teasing is the art of delivering ugly truths in a charismatic style that inoculates the teaser against an accusation or perception of butthurtness.

The truth value of whatever you are teasing a girl about is immaterial; it’s *how* you say it that matters. It may very well be true that should you become famous you would dump your girlfriend for a hotter girl, or that her sense of humor sucks, but that’s irrelevant to the way in which such information is conveyed to her. If you can say it with a smirk, and couch your jerkish thoughts in the veneer of playful fun, she will register your demeanor as being one that an alpha male possesses. And this daily revelation will engorge her labia.

If you don’t know how to tease, then your jerkish blurts will be perceived by her as those held by a nasty beta secretly afraid she might leave him.

Teasing is a vital game tactic that serves the dual functions of 1) making relationships and dates less boring, and 2) subtly reminding the girl that you have options and aren’t afraid to risk her disapproval, which is the hallmark of the desirable alpha male swimming in a sea of snatch.

All of this — women’s love for jerks who know how to tease — ultimately reduces to the sexy son hypothesis, which has been explained in previous posts.


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