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Alpha Eye Contact

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Pimps keep strong eye contact with their hos, but you’ll notice that’s only when the pimps are talking to them. When the hos reply, the pimps will glance around distractedly. A previous Chateau post advised that you should look around the room a bit when a girl is talking to you, because acting distracted is a display of higher value. Nitpick-y trolls readers wondered if there was an inconsistency there. Not at all. As an aspiring alpha male, you want to look around when a girl is angling for your attention, but you want to hold eye contact when you are leading the conversation and want her attention focused on you.

As a reader writes:

Real quick, eye contact:
When you are communicating, lock on. And demand eye contact back, subtlely (body Lang). When you are listening, not so much… Unless you’re at the point when she needs your validation.

A lot of aspy nerds read advice here to “look distracted” and they try to hammer that advice into every conceivable hole, not realizing that context matters and advice that is appropriate for one situation may not be so under different circumstances. We here at the Chateau try to cover all the ground, but some readers are too lazy to look up older posts that would answer their skepticism.

So, for the less nuanced thinkers:

Hold eye contact when you are talking to a girl.

Look around the room like you’re distracted by something when she’s talking to you, until, as the reader noted, she needs signs of attainability (i.e. validation) from you.

Adjust the ratio of eye contact-to-distraction based upon time spent together and hotness of girl. If you just met her and she’s a hottie, look more distracted when she talks. If she’s ugly, you’ll need to listen VERY attentively so she feels like she has a shot with you. If you’ve been dating her for a few months, look more attentive when she talks to you.

The archives of this blog are now so dense with information, that questions and complaints previously addressed are getting recycled by newbs. This is very annoying for the writers. Step it up, people.


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