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The Price Of Female Hypergamy

It was a banner week for alpha males. The Terminator blasted inside a housemaid and had a kid named John Connor with her ten years ago, who will grow up to defeat the evil cyborg governators under whose watch debt and native displacement exploded. The head of the IMF — some feminism-embracing leftie anti-American transnationalist open borders nutjob, no doubt — was arrested for raping a (possibly) AIDS-infected hot Muslim black chick in the mouth. (See pic of her here, courtesy of In Mala Fide.) Is it even possible to mouth rape without some modicum of consent? Women have teeth; they could just chomp down.

I won’t bother getting into the political and ideological ironies of a liberal Republican governor impregnating a Mexican and sticking it to his loyal Kennedy wife, or a good-standing member of the global illuminati raping a third world immigrant. That ground has been covered well enough on other blogs. And anyhow, it speaks for itself.

The Arnie and DSK scandals illustrate an important dynamic that is often missed in these discussions of alpha men behaving badly: female hypergamy comes with a cost. Alpha women (i.e. beautiful, young women) who are able to fulfill their hypergamous instincts often suffer negative blowback in the form of cheating partners, withdrawn love, illegitimate kids and even in extreme cases, rape.

Women who want a top dog for themselves have to be ready to take the bad with the good. Top dogs enjoy plenty of attention from women, all of them potential interlopers, and top dogs don’t face nearly the same obstacles that beta males do in the pursuit of sexual gratification. The result is that many alpha males are going to find it incredibly easy to fuck around, to have kids with maids, and to get away with raping hotel staff (until they commit their rapes in hotels owned by allies of political foes.) In other words, to utterly humiliate their loyal and loving wives.

And yet, the pull of the alpha male is so strong that many of these humiliated wives not only wearily abide the indiscretions, but they defend their cheating bastards beyond all rational reason for doing so.

Women are aware of the downside risk to winning an alpha male’s commitment in the hypergamous sweepstakes, (at least, they are subconsciously aware), and some who have the goods to get an alpha’s putative commitment will nevertheless settle in due time with a provider beta, when their looks have faded and they (conveniently) discover within themselves a well of renewed appreciation for the man who won’t stray or knock up maids. These women merely nurse a sense that sounds something like this: “Sure, my devoted herb hubbie isn’t very exciting, but christ almighty I’m pushing 40 and my emotional sanity just can’t handle another six month fling with a cheating bastard.”

But that is not nearly the majority of women. Most will instead take their chances, should they have the chance to snag an alpha, and some will wind up like poor put-upon Maria… older, wrinkly, man-jawed, no chance now in her deteriorated physical state to meet another man of the caliber of Arnold. Sure, she’ll do like most post-wall victim divorceés in these situations do, and manage to move on with her life and hamsterize that her replacement beta boyfriend is better than Arnold, but we’ll know the truth.

The Arnold scandal is interesting in another way: it holds a mirror up to our discriminatory, absurdist legal system. As Helen Smith says, what if this had been Maria’s kid? In today’s anti-male legal climate, Arnold would have been on the hook for child support if Maria had a ten year old kid by another man on the downlow. The courts and their femcunt foot soldiers would say “in the interest of the children” and “a bond has been formed” and all that self-serving horse shit that is nothing but cover for institutionalizing the second-class treatment of men. And then Arnold, still reeling from the news that Maria had been cheating on him, would suffer the additional body blow of financial responsibility for raising the bastard spawn of Maria’s infidelity.

Of course, no one can picture that same legal fate befalling Maria Shriver. There’s no court in the land that will saddle Maria with an order to pay up for Arnold’s love child. If they did, Oprah would command an army of yentas to storm the Capitol building until legislators changed the law, quaking in fear before all that female empowerment.

And yet, according to most women and their male sycophants, it’s perfectly fine, nay even morally just, to exact this same malevolent injustice upon men.

To that I give a hale and hearty FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUU.

The awesomeness of alpha males following the dictates of their genes and behaving badly with impunity is surpassed only by the audacity of feminist hypocrisy when the roles are reversed.


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