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You’ve spent the day with her, come back to her place, had sex, watched a movie and drank some wine. But instead of sleeping over, you decide to go home to chill by yourself for a night. As you head toward her door to leave, she skips over, throws her arms over your shoulders, and kisses you goodbye, whispering ‘i love you’ with the tone of urgent expectation that it would be answered in kind. Her eyes speak with that giveaway limpid twinkle that tells you she was never more enraptured by you than at that very moment, and lurking underneath her joyous exterior is just the tiniest undercurrent of anxiety — sweet sweet anxiety — as she watches you walk away from her.

Yeah, she knows, consciously, that she’ll see you tomorrow, but for know, the act of physically leaving her presence to set off for a homeland 1/4 mile away imbues her subconscious with the same exquisite dread of loss that her distant female ancestors must have felt when their men left in the morning for the hunt on the plains just over the horizon.

Logically, it should make no sense that leaving her place would fill her heart with even stronger longing, and more powerful sexual attraction, when she knows that you live close by and you aren’t going on a dangerous hunt or raiding expedition with your laptop and cellphone. And yet, those ancient feelings bubble to the surface unbidden, caring not for logic or sensibility.

It’s a quite rudimentary act, this leaving your lover’s place so she is standing behind to watch you saunter off; one so devious in its simplicity that most men do it by accident, unaware of the soul-stirring effect it has on women.

When you spend time with a woman at her place, and then leave, you are artificially boosting your status relative to hers. This status boost triggers powerful feelings of lust and love in her. For reasons that harken back to a time shrouded in the mists of our tribal antiquity, a man who parts from his lover rather than waits for his lover to part from him is perceived more attractively to her.

The corollary to this phenomenon is also true, and should give you pause. If she is at your place, and she leaves to go do something by herself, the physical nature of her parting from your abode and you kissing her goodbye reverses the omnipresent status tension that must always exist to foster her desire for you. Do it enough times, and barely comprehended forces emanating from the deepest abyss of her id will push outward, staining her subconscious impression of you as a higher status man, until spite and resentment begin to intrude on once idyllic moments of loving peacefulness.

Therefore, try to make it a habit to part her company more often than she parts yours. A mirror image of Poon Commandment V — follow the golden ratio — applies: for every two times she leaves your place, leave her place three times.

What about those of us who cohabit?, some of you are asking. Well, there are ways to leave a woman without really leaving her, and without leaving for another home. Just imagine you have your own interests, and occasionally adventure calls, and you must heed it, without her. She can’t help but love you when you leave her behind.


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