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Spin Spin, Hamster!

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I know this guy who cleans up with women, compared to the typical man. I’ve seen him in action and girls get that twinkle in their eyes within five minutes talking with him. He’s shown me pics of lovers in states of half dress on his bed. Here’s the catch: the guy is short. Not a little under average; he’s a short man who would lose line of sight in a crowd of women.

I listen to this guy carefully because he’s living proof that game can overcome severe sexual market handicaps. He’s decent looking, but not enough to compensate for his diminutive height. He dresses well — sort of a cross between Euro cafe and biker chic — and exudes confidence in the field. (Whether he has this confidence at home is open to question, but regardless he knows to turn it on when it’s go time.)

Based on the obvious and superficial qualities — the ones we can see at a glance — you would expect him to do a little bit better than the average short man, which is still not very good. You wouldn’t expect him to get the numbers of cute chicks he does. His secret is something readers of this blog should understand by now: his game is airtight. Solid gold. He looks girls piercingly in the eye when he picks them up, he doesn’t care if they’re sitting or standing, his body language projects dominance despite his height, and he negs better than any player I know. (As a short man, he has to get out front with the negs, or he’ll get blown out too quickly.) He is borderline asshole with just the merest hint of vulnerability, which is exactly how the women like it. He is charming and suave — traits he says he learned over the years hanging out with alpha men who do well with women. If his shortness bothers him, he doesn’t show it. He has never put himself down or whined about the unfairness of it all, as long as I’ve known him.

He says after his experience with game, he decided to switch careers into sales, and has cleaned up professionally, too. I asked him once how he got started with game.

“Online dating.”

“You’re kidding. You don’t seem like the online dating sort.”

“At first, it was a disaster. I didn’t fib about my height. I didn’t want chicks meeting me for dates thinking I was six inches taller. My game wasn’t polished then, so I didn’t have the confidence in my skills that I could turn a bad date around.”

“So you put your real height in your profile?”

“Yup. Pics, too. Result: No bites. Girls have tons of qualifications for what they want in men, and height is near the top.”

“So you gave up on online dating?”

“Nope. I rearranged my profile to emphasize my pickiness. Right out of the gate I was disqualifying girls hard. I’ve gotta say that I was never a bigger asshole than online.”

“So it started working.”

“Not as much as I wanted, but that wasn’t the point. I knew as long as girls could quickly screen men online for failing their cliched checklists they would screen me out with a click. The beauty of it though was that I was beginning to get interest from girls who *specifically* wrote that they wanted taller men in their profiles. I banged a few of them and this was after they said they wouldn’t normally date men shorter than themselves, but I was ‘different’.”

“Once you took it to the field, it must have gotten a lot tougher, what with the competition and all.”

“The field was easier! The same game I ran online worked ten times better when I could walk up to a chick and talk to her face to face. Most men don’t even bother approaching. You approach, and you’ve leapfrogged 90% of your competition. All those qualifications that girls list in their online profiles just disappear when they’re talking to a smooth bastard. Forget that stuff girls say they want in men. 6 foot, high paying career, jock, Ivy educated, blah blah blah… it’s all bullshit they hang onto because it’s easy to quantify in their heads and makes sense to their parents. They don’t know what they want. They just react to men who turn them on, but there’s no way you can get them to describe what it is about those men that makes them stand out. Ask a girl what she likes in men, and she’ll rattle off some stupid list she read in Cosmo, and then she’ll go home to her bartender boyfriend while her phone is lighting up with calls from all those nice guys with good jobs who are politely asking to take her out on expensive dates.”


A woman’s 463 bullet point checklist is suddenly rendered null and void when she is in the company of a man with game/charisma. The qualifications she lists in her OkCupid profile or wherever are meant to be read as “hamster can change policy without prior notice.” If you have good game, you will chuckle to yourself over the many women whose qualifications you did not meet, but who slept with you anyway. The hamster can rationalize away everything from money to education to, yes, even shortness when it is being seduced by a captivating predator.

Maxim #463: Do not underestimate the rapidity with which a woman will jettison her conventional mate criteria when exposed to the attentions of a charismatic man.


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