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When you are a socially adept charmer drawing attention to yourself by being alive and interesting, you will notice that girls around you react to your presence in one of four different ways. These four ways of reaction are so common that they are likely universal in nature; that is, they are reflections of core human psychology. If you run game — i.e. if you act charismatically — with any regularity, you will cause girls in your vicinity to alter their behavior. They do this unconsciously as their undistracted state is interrupted by your presence, and you can predict with some accuracy how receptive each type of girl will be to your game.

Type I: Acknowledgers

This type of girl will raise an eyebrow, smile, crane her neck with curiosity, nod, or mutter a curt hello when a high value man is within her orbit of perception, and she is within his. She doesn’t want to seem too interested, but she is so intrigued that she can’t help but acknowledge in however fleeting or subtle a manner the man who has punctured her daily dullness. She wants to feel like she is a part of his world and that she is as perceptive as the other women at recognizing his value, so she acknowledges him to affirm her in-crowd cred. But her acknowledgement is brief and off-hand, so that she may retain the fiction that her value is higher than his until proven otherwise. Sometimes, she acknowledges simply because she feels peer pressure to do so. Acknowledgers are rarely seen alone, because they have a strong need to “fit in”. If they are alone, they tend to acknowledge less and withdraw more into an introverted shell. Acknowledgers are natural followers.

Game receptiveness: High. Acknowledgers are uncomfortable with their growing sexual attraction because it is so strong and makes them feel vulnerable. They will follow your lead wherever you take them. They are ripe, low-hanging fruit for the picking, heavy with the juice of wanton womanhood.

Type II: Engagers

Engagers are girls who will jump into an alpha male’s world with gusto, tap dancing and singing the whole way. They are attention whores at heart who will latch onto the social savvy express train of similarly extroverted men. When they see a man having fun, being impossibly cool, or holding court with other women, they find excuses to introduce themselves to him, or they position themselves within proximity of his senses so that the transition from their world to his is not awkward. Engagers smile a lot and are rarely at a loss for words. They like to give high fives. Their bodies talk as much as their mouths do. Engagers are no less sociable when alone.

Game receptiveness: Low to high. Engagers are often cockteases, but of those that aren’t, same night lays are possible. You will need to disqualify Engagers hard. They like to chase.

Type III: Pretenders

A girl who has noticed an alpha male but acts to conceal her curiosity is a Pretender. Usually, these types of girls have a prideful but sometimes fragile ego, and an inclination to abhor attention whores and social competitors. They are loathe to express their interest in a man before has has done the same. You will recognize Pretenders by their furtive glances and quick look-aways when you catch their eyes. Pretenders love to shit test once engaged, and to act all high and mighty in the belief that no person is as interesting as themselves. They are as conceited as Engagers, but without the Engagers’ natural curiosity and love of experiencing new things. Pretenders want to meet alpha males, but want the plausible deniability that studied indifference brings.

Game receptiveness: Medium. Pretenders are interested, but they are going to make you work for their attention. They succumb most easily to perceptive men who call them out on their pretending, and who butter them up with lines such as “I have an intuition about you…”. They are excellent comfort stage candidates. Pretenders are expert at deploying proximity alerts.

Type IV: Hostiles

Hostiles are the type of girls who will studiously avoid acknowledging high value men or women. They are the put-upon quasi-goths and the bristly lawyercunts of the woman underworld. Hostiles are identified by their abrasive and distant personalities, and while an inordinate number of them are ugly or fat, quite a few are drop dead gorgeous hotties whose standards are so high they go out of their way to act unapproachable so that no man gets the idea in head to breach her perimeter defense. Hostiles have swollen egos they protect at all costs and cannot tolerate someone else, even an alpha male, captivating spectators. She takes this as a personal affront. Mind you, she isn’t an attention whore; she just doesn’t like it when her bubble of superiority is pricked by an intriguing man. Hostiles hate to feel vulnerable, and thus encase themselves in an adamantine shell of disregard when they feel the slightest tingle of attraction in a man’s presence. You can identify hostiles by the sternness of their expressions, the stiffness of their backs, and the stridency of their walking, as well as their transparent and clumsy attempts at ignoring you by staring at a wall twenty yards away, or at a UFO in the sky.

Game receptiveness: Low, to sky high. Most men will find hostiles not worth the effort to game. They are so cold up-front that many will be intimidated by the approach. But hostiles fall hard to aloof asshole game. A jerk who can remember what she says about her job is like manna from heaven to the hostile.


You’ll observe the four types above (HEAP: Hostiles, Engagers, Acknowledgers, Pretenders) in many situations in life. For instance, I was sitting outdoors on a stoop with friends (mixed group) which faced a busy sidewalk bustling with pedestrians. We were drinking red wine and listening to Motown. We all looked a little too precious, and that was enough peacocking to draw attention to ourselves. The same types of girls you see in clubs, bars, supermarkets, at the beach and at art classes could be seen walking down the sidewalk reacting to us enjoying our leisure on that stoop. This applies to the men who walked by our little gathering, too. Some would acknowledge us with a nod or a smile and a slight slowing in their step, a little bit embarrassed with themselves. Others would engage us by stopping and making a comment. (One girl shouted “Oh, so lovely!”) Others, the Pretenders, would glance over then quickly avert their eyes lest they be seen affirming our high social value. Finally, there were the Hostiles — these were mostly men, but some women as well, who would briskly walk by without a break in their stride or a turn in our direction. Looking closely, we could see some of them grimacing.

If you are a close observer of human nature, you will see these four types of behavior manifest in people at work and home and everywhere else you go. HEAP is probably a representation of people as they move along the introversion-extroversion scale, intersected with the sexual/social status scale. An introverted, ugly girl will usually be a Hostile while an extroverted pretty girl will be an Engager. Exceptions exist, but as a general guideline to how women will react to your peacocking and your social stardom, the HEAP system is fairly reliable.


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