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The Mark Sanchez story is funny from at least one angle — the daughters of single, slutty moms go on to be sluts themselves.

The rich, preppy Connecticut mom of 17-year-old Eliza Kruger — who said she “hooked up” with star Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez after meeting him at a Manhattan nightclub — “likes to party” on occasion with her sexy daughter, sources said yes terday.

“Eliza has been going to clubs since she was 15, sometimes with her mom,” blond Greenwich divorcée Marie McCormick Kruger, a night life source told The Post. […]

Her dad is multimillionaire Greenwich financier Konrad “Chip” Kruger. He and Marie had four kids together, including Eliza, before divorcing in 2006 after years of marital turmoil.

According to their divorce decision, which found neither party at fault, Marie Kruger in the mid-1990s flirted with and “kissed one or two times” a “gentle man” she had met at a local watering hole. In July 2005, the decision said, Chip Kruger “learned that she had slept with her rowing coach” while the Krugers were attempting a reconciliation.

Lesson: Millions of dollars does not necessarily an alpha make. Nor does it prevent your wife from cheating with her rowing coach. And that kid went ha haaw!

You gotta love this aging cougar mom hanging out with her daughter at nightclubs known to be pickup spots for alpha males. Has there been a more obvious case of a sad sack wall victim living vicariously through her hot n sexy spawn?

On a more serious note, the Sanchez case, and others like it, prove that the statutory rape laws in this country are well-nigh fucked beyond any semblance of fairness. It’s time to end strict liability. If a 17 year old has the sense of mind to lie about her age so that she can bang an older athlete, then she can give consent to sex as well. It is not the responsibility of men to do background checks of every young-looking woman they meet. The courts must catch up to the fact that women are hypergamous, and that a result of that hypergamy is a tendency to prefer fucking older, higher status men.


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